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Ertas, Atila - Transdisciplinary Engineering Design Process, ebook

Transdisciplinary Engineering Design Process

Ertas, Atila


A groundbreaking text book that presents a collaborative approach to design methods that tap into a range of disciplines 
In recent years, the number of complex problems to be solved by engineers has multiplied exponentially. Transdisciplinary Engineering

Kreimeyer, Matthias - Complexity Metrics in Engineering Design, ebook

Complexity Metrics in Engineering Design

Kreimeyer, Matthias


Table of contents
1. Complex processes in engineering design
Matthias Kreimeyer, Udo Lindemann
2. The foundations of complexity metrics
Matthias Kreimeyer, Udo Lindemann
3. Concept of an integrated set of complexity metrics
Matthias Kreimeyer, Udo Lindemann
4. Modeling the structure of design processes

Kamrani, Ali K. - Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping, ebook

Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping

Kamrani, Ali K.


Computer-Based Design and Manufacturing
Ali K. Kamrani, Emad Abouel Nasr
8. Feature Representations
Ali K. Kamrani, Emad Abouel Nasr
9. Feature Extraction Techniques
Ali K. Kamrani, Emad Abouel Nasr
10. Engineering Materials: An Overview

Alazard, Daniel - Reverse Engineering in Control Design, ebook

Reverse Engineering in Control Design

Alazard, Daniel


Reverse Engineering in Control Design presents a variety of practical approaches for building a standard H problem, taking into account an initial controller. These approaches facilitate the mixing of various control objectives as well as the initialization of procedures for fixed-structure

Davim, J. Paulo - Mechanical Engineering Education, ebook

Mechanical Engineering Education

Davim, J. Paulo


Mechanical Engineering is defined nowadays as a discipline “which involves the application of principles of physics, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems”. Recently, mechanical engineering

Xiao, Ming - Geotechnical Engineering Design, ebook

Geotechnical Engineering Design

Xiao, Ming


An accessible, clear, concise, and contemporary course in geotechnical engineering design. covers the major in geotechnical engineering packed with self-test problems and projects with an on-line detailed solutions