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Meyer, Jürgen - Acoustics and the Performance of Music, ebook

Acoustics and the Performance of Music

Meyer, Jürgen


Table of contents
2. Introduction to Acoustics
Jürgen Meyer
3. Structure of Musical Sound
Jürgen Meyer
4. Tonal Characteristics of Musical Instruments
Jürgen Meyer
5. Directional Characteristics
Jürgen Meyer
6. Foundations…

Kaltenbacher, Manfred - Computational Acoustics, ebook

Computational Acoustics

Kaltenbacher, Manfred


Table of contents
1. Fundamental Equations of Acoustics
Manfred Kaltenbacher
2. Non-conforming Finite Elements for Flexible Discretization with Applications to Aeroacoustics
Manfred Kaltenbacher
3. Boundary Element Method for Time-Harmonic…

Schneider, Albrecht - Studies in Musical Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, ebook

Studies in Musical Acoustics and Psychoacoustics

Schneider, Albrecht


Table of contents
1. Japanese Flutes and Their Musical Acoustic Peculiarities
Shigeru Yoshikawa
2. Acoustics of the Qin
Chris Waltham, Kimi Coaldrake, Evert Koster, Yang Lan
3. Tone Production of the Wurlitzer and Rhodes E-Pianos
Florian Pfeifle, Malte Münster
4. Feedback of Different Room Geometries

Möser, Michael - Engineering Acoustics, ebook

Engineering Acoustics

Möser, Michael


Table of contents
2. Perception of sound
Michael Möser
3. Fundamentals of wave propagation
Michael Möser
4. Propagation and radiation of sound
Michael Möser
5. Structure-borne sound
Michael Möser
6. Elastic isolation

Müller, Gerhard - Handbook of Engineering Acoustics, ebook

Handbook of Engineering Acoustics

Müller, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. Fundamentals
M. Möser, G. Müller
2. Acoustic Measurements
M. Vorländer
3. Numerical Acoustics
Björn A. T. Petersson
4. The Effects of Sound on Humans
C. Maschke, U. Widmann
5. Noise Emission…

Bradley, David T. - Worship Space Acoustics, ebook

Worship Space Acoustics

Bradley, David T.


Table of contents
1. Reflections from Key Design Team Members
David T. Bradley, Erica E. Ryherd, Lauren M. Ronsse
2. Worship Spaces
David T. Bradley, Erica E. Ryherd, Lauren M. Ronsse
3. Worship Spaces
David T. Bradley, Erica E.…

Ermann, Michael A. - Architectural Acoustics Illustrated, ebook

Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

Ermann, Michael A.


Unite the science of sound and the principles of design to enhance any space
Architectural Acoustics Illustrated translates the quantitative and qualitative content of acoustics into the graphic language of architecture. This highly-visual guide includes

Cheng, Qianliu - Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Dynamics, ebook

Underwater Acoustics and Ocean Dynamics

Cheng, Qianliu


Table of contents
1. Inference of Sound Attenuation in Marine Sediments from Modal Dispersion in Shallow Water
N. Ross Chapman, Juan Zeng
2. Counterintuitive Results in Underwater Acoustic Communications
Daniel Rouseff
3. Comparisons…