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Marquina, Antonio - Energy Security, ebook

Energy Security

Marquina, Antonio


German Debates on Energy Security and Impacts on Germany’s 2007 EU Presidency
Frank Umbach
2. Russia as an Energy Great Power: Consequences for EU Energy Security
Javier Morales

Szulecki, Kacper - Energy Security in Europe, ebook

Energy Security in Europe

Szulecki, Kacper


The Multiple Faces of Energy Security: An Introduction
Kacper Szulecki
Part I. Internal EU Dynamics of Energy Securitisation: Divergent Perceptions
2. Energy Securitisation: Applying

Lai, Hongyi - Asian Energy Security, ebook

Asian Energy Security

Lai, Hongyi


Introduction: Understanding and Enhancing Energy and Maritime Security in Asia
Hongyi Lai
2. China’s Oil Diplomacy in Asia
Hongyi Lai
3. Security of China’s Energy Imports
Hongyi Lai
4. China’s Mercantilist Oil Strategy and its Implications

Voeller, John G. - Energy Systems Security, ebook

Energy Systems Security

Voeller, John G.


Energy Systems Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering topics related to electricity transmission grids and their protection, risk assessment of

Esakova, Nataliya - European Energy Security, ebook

European Energy Security

Esakova, Nataliya


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Nataliya Esakova
2. Theoretical framework
Nataliya Esakova
3. The development of the energy security regime between Russia and Europe
Nataliya Esakova

Komarnicki, Przemyslaw - Electric Energy Storage Systems, ebook

Electric Energy Storage Systems

Komarnicki, Przemyslaw


Mobile Energy Storage Systems. Vehicle-for-Grid Options
Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Pio Lombardi, Zbigniew Styczynski
7. Economics of Electric Energy Storage Systems
Przemyslaw Komarnicki, Pio Lombardi, Zbigniew Styczynski
8. Reliability in Smart Grids with