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Liao, Hua - Energy Economics: Energy Efficiency in China, ebook

Energy Economics: Energy Efficiency in China

Liao, Hua


Relationship Between Energy Efficiency and the Economic System: Measuring Energy Efficiency
Yi-Ming Wei, Hua Liao
3. Impact of Economic Structural Changes on Energy Macro-efficiency
Yi-Ming Wei, Hua Liao
4. Residential

Herring, Horace - Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption, ebook

Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Consumption

Herring, Horace


Fuel Efficiency and Automobile Travel in Germany: Don’t Forget the Rebound Effect!
Manuel Frondel, Jörg Peters, Colin Vance
Part II. Economy-wide Rebound Effects
4. Modelling the Economy-wide Rebound Effect
Grant Allan, Michelle Gilmartin, Peter

Solmes, Leslie A. - Energy Efficiency, ebook

Energy Efficiency

Solmes, Leslie A.


The Most Reliable Energy at the Lowest Unit Cost
3. The Opportunity
4. Energy Supply Systems
5. Funding Problems
II. A Different Way of Doing Business
6. Energy Supply Investment Planning Methodology
7. The Real Investment Opportunity
8. A “Living”