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Demirel, Yaşar - Energy, ebook


Demirel, Yaşar


Mechanical Energy and Electrical Energy
Yaşar Demirel
4. Internal Energy and Enthalpy
Yaşar Demirel
5. Energy Balances
Yaşar Demirel
6. Energy Production
Yaşar Demirel
7. Energy Conversion
Yaşar Demirel
8. Energy Storage

Islam, M.R. - Peak Energy: Myth or Reality?, ebook

Peak Energy: Myth or Reality?

Islam, M.R.


Does the Earth contain enough oil to provide energy for the human race indefinitely? If not, how long will the oil last? What about renewable energy technologies like wind and solar? Will they be able to supply an indefinite supply of energy

Stober, Ingrid - Geothermal Energy, ebook

Geothermal Energy

Stober, Ingrid


Table of contents
1. Thermal Structure of the Earth
Ingrid Stober, Kurt Bucher
2. History of Geothermal Energy Use
Ingrid Stober, Kurt Bucher
3. Geothermal Energy Resources
Ingrid Stober, Kurt Bucher
4. Applications of Geothermal Energy
Ingrid Stober, Kurt Bucher
5. Potential Perspectives of

Ma, Hengyun - China’s Energy Economy, ebook

China’s Energy Economy

Ma, Hengyun


China’s Energy Situation in the New Millennium
Hengyun Ma, Les Oxley
4. Methods and Estimation
Hengyun Ma, Les Oxley
5. Data Description
Hengyun Ma, Les Oxley
6. Energy Reforms and Changing Prices
Hengyun Ma, Les Oxley
7. Factor Substitution

Michalena, Evanthie - Renewable Energy Governance, ebook

Renewable Energy Governance

Michalena, Evanthie


Introduction: Renewable Energy Governance: Is it Blocking the Technically Feasible?
Evanthie Michalena, Jeremy Maxwell Hills
2. Renewable and Conventional Electricity Generation Systems: Technologies and Diversity of Energy Systems
George Kosmadakis, Sotirios

Breitkopf, Cornelia - Springer Handbook of Electrochemical Energy, ebook

Springer Handbook of Electrochemical Energy

Breitkopf, Cornelia


Electrochemical Energy Generation and Storage as Seen by In-Situ NMR
YuYe J. Tong
13. Spectroscopy of Electrochemical Systems
James J. Walsh, Robert J. Forster, Tia E. Keyes
14. Kinetic Activity in Electrochemical Cells
Yannick Garsany, Karen Swider-Lyons

Abbasi, Tasneem - Biogas Energy, ebook

Biogas Energy

Abbasi, Tasneem


Table of contents
1. Biogas and Biogas Energy: An Introduction
Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, S. A. Abbasi
2. A Brief History of Anaerobic Digestion and “Biogas”
Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, S. A. Abbasi
3. Biogas and Global Warming
Tasneem Abbasi, S. M. Tauseef, S. A. Abbasi
4. Low-Rate and

Ahrens, Uwe - Airborne Wind Energy, ebook

Airborne Wind Energy

Ahrens, Uwe


Airborne Wind Energy: Basic Concepts and Physical Foundations
Moritz Diehl
2. Traction Power Generation with Tethered Wings
Roland Schmehl, Michael Noom, Rolf Vlugt
3. Pumping Cycle Kite Power
Rolf H. Luchsinger
4. Efficiency of Traction Power

Palmer, Graham - Energy in Australia, ebook

Energy in Australia

Palmer, Graham


Table of contents
1. Introduction: One Million Solar Systems
Graham Palmer
2. Quarry Australia: Building Australia on Coal
Graham Palmer
3. Towards Optimized Complexity: Integrating Intermittency
Graham Palmer
4. Electricity…

Liao, Hua - Energy Economics: Energy Efficiency in China, ebook

Energy Economics: Energy Efficiency in China

Liao, Hua


Relationship Between Energy Efficiency and the Economic System: Measuring Energy Efficiency
Yi-Ming Wei, Hua Liao
3. Impact of Economic Structural Changes on Energy Macro-efficiency
Yi-Ming Wei, Hua Liao
4. Residential Energy Consumption