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Brook, Charles G. D. - Handbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, ebook

Handbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology

Brook, Charles G. D.


This revised edition of Charles Brook's Handbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology provides endocrinologists and pediatricians in training with a fully up-to-date clinical guide presenting evidence-based practice in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of pediatric endocrine disorders. New

Pozzilli, Paolo - Imaging in Endocrinology, ebook

Imaging in Endocrinology

Pozzilli, Paolo


This book provides those treating patients with endocrine problems with an outstanding print and electronic imaging resource (including CT, NMR, histopathological, etc.) of all forms of diseases caused by problems in the endocrine system. It contains…

Raine, Joseph E. - Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children, ebook

Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children

Raine, Joseph E.


Practical Endocrinology and Diabetes in Children is the ideal bench-side companion for the practising paediatrician and endocrinologist, bridging the gap between large reference books and short reviews of aspects of endocrinology.
This third edition contains a variety of new features

Sam, Amir H. - Lecture Notes: Endocrinology and Diabetes, ebook

Lecture Notes: Endocrinology and Diabetes

Sam, Amir H.


Focusing on conditions commonly encountered on the wards and in exams, with key points to aid revision and recall, this new title is perfect as a course companion and is the ideal revision tool for medical students, specialist nurses, and doctors working on endocrinology

Conn, P. Michael - Endocrinology, ebook


Conn, P. Michael


Table of contents
Part I.Introduction
1. Introduction to Endocrinology
P. Michael Conn
Part II.Hormone Secretion and Action
2. Receptors
Kelly E. Mayo
3. Second-Messenger Systems and Signal Transduction Mechanisms
Eliot R. Spindel
4. Steroid Hormones
Derek V. Henley, Jonathan Lindzey, Kenneth

Chedrese, Pedro J. - Reproductive Endocrinology, ebook

Reproductive Endocrinology

Chedrese, Pedro J.


Table of contents
2. Introduction to the Molecular Organization of the Endocrine/Reproductive System
Pedro J. Chedrese
3. Extracellular Signaling Receptors
Pedro J. Chedrese, Stella M. Celuch
4. The Molecules That Transmit Information…

Piciu, Doina - Nuclear Endocrinology, ebook

Nuclear Endocrinology

Piciu, Doina


Table of contents
Part I. General Nuclear Medicine
1. Principles of Nuclear Medicine
Doina Piciu
2. Specific Measurements, Units, and Terms
Doina Piciu
3. Dosimetry
Doina Piciu
4. The Radiation Protection
Doina Piciu