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Block, Peter - The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work, ebook

The Empowered Manager: Positive Political Skills at Work

Block, Peter


Empowered cultures attract and retain talent. They produce high achievement, high accountability and high commitment.
The Empowered Manager uncovers a roadmap to creating a more accountable culture in today's fragmented and virtual world. Bestselling author Peter

Hashemi, Brian - The Empowered Investor, ebook

The Empowered Investor

Hashemi, Brian


The Empowered Investor: A New Paradigm of Investing
Cuno Puempin, Heinrich Liechtenstein, Fariba Hashemi, Brian Hashemi
Part II. How to Be a Successful Strategic Investor
6. Two Paths to Your Investment Strategy
Cuno Puempin, Heinrich Liechtenstein,

Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar - Citizen Empowered Mapping, ebook

Citizen Empowered Mapping

Arsanjani, Jamal Jokar


Table of contents
Part I. Data Acquisition and Modeling
1. Level of Details Harmonization Operations in OpenStreetMap Based Large Scale Maps
Guillaume Touya, Matthieu Baley
2. Cartographic Representation of Soundscape: Proposals and Assessment

Wavey - The ODDs Beginnings, ebook

The ODDs Beginnings



They choose a teenaged guy, David Murphy, as the Water Empowered and then Richard Stephens as the Fire Empowered. These young men have increased physical strength, heal faster, and eventually begin to learn how to control their