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Christensen, Bent Jesper - Globalization, ebook


Christensen, Bent Jesper


Introduction to Globalization: Strategies and Effects
Bent Jesper Christensen, Carsten Kowalczyk
Part I. Search, Matching, and Globalization
2. Product and Labor Market Entry Costs, Underemployment and International Trade
Spiros Bougheas, Raymond Riezman

Dean, Paul - Globalization: A Basic Text, ebook

Globalization: A Basic Text

Dean, Paul


Updated to reflect recent global developments, the second edition of Globalization: A Basic Text presents an up-to-date introduction to major trends and topics relating to globalization studies.Features updates and revisions in its accessible introduction

Distler, Johannes - Acquisitions by Emerging Multinational Corporations, ebook

Acquisitions by Emerging Multinational Corporations

Distler, Johannes


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Johannes Distler
2. Fundamentals of mergers & acquisitions
Johannes Distler
3. Emerging multinational corporations and their cross-border M&A activity
Johannes Distler
4. Theoretical frameworks and hypotheses generation
Johannes Distler
5. The event

Fujioka, Rika - Comparative Responses to Globalization, ebook

Comparative Responses to Globalization

Fujioka, Rika


Introduction — Comparative Perspectives on Globalization: Historical Reflections on British and Japanese Enterprises
Maki Umemura
2. An Empire of Goods? Groceries in Eighteenth-Century England
Jon Stobart
3. Globalization and Voluntary Consensus Standardization

Cieślik, Jerzy - Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, ebook

Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Cieślik, Jerzy


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jerzy Cieślik
2. Essence of Entrepreneurship
Jerzy Cieślik
3. Dimensions of Entrepreneurship
Jerzy Cieślik
4. Measuring Entrepreneurship: International Comparisons
Jerzy Cieślik

Dincer, Hasan - Globalization of Financial Institutions, ebook

Globalization of Financial Institutions

Dincer, Hasan


Globalization and Financial Crisis
1. An Assessment on the Changing Role of State in Globalizing World Economy
Hale Kırmızıoğlu, Kürşad Zorlu
2. Financial Globalization and the Effects of Monetary Policy