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Hu, Yuehua - Electrochemistry of Flotation of Sulphide Minerals, ebook

Electrochemistry of Flotation of Sulphide Minerals

Hu, Yuehua


General Review of Electrochemistry of Flotation of Sulphide Minerals
Yuehua Hu, Wei Sun, Dianzuo Wang
2. Natural Floatability and Collectorless Flotation of Sulphide Minerals
Yuehua Hu, Wei Sun, Dianzuo Wang
3. Collectorless Flotation in the Presence

Hammerich, Ole - Bioinorganic Electrochemistry, ebook

Bioinorganic Electrochemistry

Hammerich, Ole


Table of contents
1. Electron Tunneling Through Iron and Copper Proteins
Jay R. Winkler, Alexander R. Dunn, Corinna R. Hess, Harry B. Gray
2. The Respiratory Enzyme as An Electrochemical Energy Transducer
Mårten Wikström
3. Reconstituted Redox Proteins On Surfaces For Bioelectronic Applications

Schmuki, Patrik - Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale, ebook

Electrochemistry at the Nanoscale

Schmuki, Patrik


X-ray Lithography Techniques, LIGA-Based Microsystem Manufacturing: The Electrochemistry of Through-Mold Deposition and Material Properties
James J. Kelly, S.H. Goods
5. Direct Writing Techniques: Electron Beam and Focused Ion Beam
T. Djenizian, C. Lehrer

Audebert, Pierre - Luminescence in Electrochemistry, ebook

Luminescence in Electrochemistry

Audebert, Pierre


Table of contents
1. Emission Spectroelectrochemistry: Cell Design and Setup
Olivier Alévêque, Eric Levillain
2. In Situ Spectroelectrochemical Fluorescence Microscopy for Visualizing Interfacial Structure and Dynamics in Self-assembled Monolayers

Comninellis, Christos - Electrochemistry for the Environment, ebook

Electrochemistry for the Environment

Comninellis, Christos


Table of contents
1. Basic Principles of the Electrochemical Mineralization of Organic Pollutants for Wastewater Treatment
Agnieszka Kapałka, György Fóti, Christos Comninellis
2. Importance of Electrode Material in the Electrochemical Treatment…