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Melkebeek, Jan A. - Electrical Machines and Drives, ebook

Electrical Machines and Drives

Melkebeek, Jan A.


Rotating Field Machines: mmf, emf and Torque
Jan A Melkebeek
4. The Induction Machine
Jan A Melkebeek
5. The Synchronous Machine
Jan A Melkebeek
Part II. Basics of Power Electronics
6. Power Electronic Components
Jan A Melkebeek

Trigeassou, Jean-Claude - Electrical Machines Diagnosis, ebook

Electrical Machines Diagnosis

Trigeassou, Jean-Claude


Monitoring and diagnosis of electrical machine faults is a scientific and economic issue which is motivated by objectives for reliability and serviceability in electrical drives.
This book provides a survey of the techniques used to detect the faults occurring in electrical

Boguslawsky, Iliya - Large A.C. Machines, ebook

Large A.C. Machines

Boguslawsky, Iliya


Investigation Methods of Performance Characteristics for Double-Fed Machines with Converter in Rotor Circuit. Summary of Main Investigation Stages of A.C. Machines
Iliya Boguslawsky, Nikolay Korovkin, Masashi Hayakawa
3. Stator MMF Harmonics at Non-sinusoidal

Ushakov, Vasily Y. - Electrical Power Engineering, ebook

Electrical Power Engineering

Ushakov, Vasily Y.


From the History of Electrical Power Engineering
Vasily Y. Ushakov
3. The Earth’s Energy Resources (Reserves, Short Characteristics)
Vasily Y. Ushakov
4. Electric Power Production
Vasily Y. Ushakov
5. Electric Power Engineering on the Basis

Doncker, Rik W. De - Fundamentals of Electrical Drives, ebook

Fundamentals of Electrical Drives

Doncker, Rik W. De


Table of contents
1. Introduction
André Veltman, Duco W. J. Pulle, R. W. Doncker
2. Simple Electro-Magnetic Circuits
André Veltman, Duco W. J. Pulle, R. W. Doncker
3. The Transformer
André Veltman, Duco W. J. Pulle, R. W. Doncker
4. Three-Phase Circuits
André Veltman, Duco W. J. Pulle, R.

Bessède, Jean-Luc - Eco-design in Electrical Engineering, ebook

Eco-design in Electrical Engineering

Bessède, Jean-Luc


Table of contents
Part I. Methodologies and Standards
1. Overview of Eco-design Applications on Various Types of Electronic Product Development
Vanessa Lhopital, Melanie Bordignon
2. Hazardous Substances Management in the Supply Chain
Christophe Garnier, Pierre Bardollet, Eric Bonneville
3. SWOT Analysis

Huang, Yuping - Electrical Power Unit Commitment, ebook

Electrical Power Unit Commitment

Huang, Yuping


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yuping Huang, Panos M. Pardalos, Qipeng P. Zheng
2. Deterministic Unit Commitment Models and Algorithms
Yuping Huang, Panos M. Pardalos, Qipeng P. Zheng
3. Two-Stage Stochastic Programming Models and…