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Zhu, Min - Electrical Engineering and Control, ebook

Electrical Engineering and Control

Zhu, Min


Table of contents
1. Targets Detection in SAR Image Used Coherence Analysis Based on S-Transform
Tao Tao, Zhenming Peng, Chaonan Yang, Fang Wei, Lihong Liu
2. A Community Detecting Algorithm in Directed Weighted Networks
Hongtao Liu, Xiao…

Ushakov, Vasily Y. - Electrical Power Engineering, ebook

Electrical Power Engineering

Ushakov, Vasily Y.


Power Engineering as a Basis for Progress of Civilization
Vasily Y. Ushakov
2. From the History of Electrical Power Engineering
Vasily Y. Ushakov
3. The Earth’s Energy Resources (Reserves, Short Characteristics)

Atkinson, Bill - Electrical Installation Designs, ebook

Electrical Installation Designs

Atkinson, Bill


The book shows how to design and complete a range of electrical installation projects - domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural - in a competitive manner, while ensuring full compliance with the Wiring Regulations. Guidance is given on certification and test methods, with full

Bessède, Jean-Luc - Eco-design in Electrical Engineering, ebook

Eco-design in Electrical Engineering

Bessède, Jean-Luc


Table of contents
Part I. Methodologies and Standards
1. Overview of Eco-design Applications on Various Types of Electronic Product Development
Vanessa Lhopital, Melanie Bordignon
2. Hazardous Substances Management in the Supply Chain
Christophe Garnier, Pierre Bardollet, Eric Bonneville
3. SWOT Analysis

Madden, John M. - Electrical Safety and the Law, ebook

Electrical Safety and the Law

Madden, John M.


This book summarises the British legislation covering electrical safety, including those regulations derived from European directives. It also addresses the legislation relating to the supply and use of safety-related electrotechnical control systems, particularly on machinery.
As well

Stokes, Geoffrey - Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice, ebook

Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice

Stokes, Geoffrey


Handbook of Electrical Installation Practice covers all key aspects of industrial, commercial and domestic installations and draws on the expertise of a wide range of industrial experts.
Chapters are devoted to topics such as wiring cables, mains and submains cables and distribution