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Mieroop, Marc Van De - A History of Ancient Egypt, ebook

A History of Ancient Egypt

Mieroop, Marc Van De


Outlining the major political and cultural events, A History of Ancient Egypt is an authoritative and accessible introduction to this fascinating ancient culture.An accessible chronological narrative that draws on a range of historical sourcesOffers an up-to-date survey of ancient

Lee, Jessica - Lonely Planet Egypt, ebook

Lonely Planet Egypt

Lee, Jessica


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Egypt is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Visit the ancient wonders of the Pyramids of Giza, cruise the Nile to a waterside temple,

Bard, Kathryn A. - An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, ebook

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

Bard, Kathryn A.


This student-friendly introduction to the archaeology of ancient Egypt guides readers from the Paleolithic to the Greco-Roman periods, and has now been updated to include recent discoveries and new illustrations.
• Superbly illustrated with photographs, maps, and site plans,

Maurice, Colonel J. F. - The Campaign of 1882 in Egypt, ebook

The Campaign of 1882 in Egypt

Maurice, Colonel J. F.


Statement of troops (Regimentally) conveyed to Egypt and the Transports (named) in which they proceeded. A further appendix has been added to the original text which contains a nominal roll of all ranks killed and wounded at Tel-El-Kebir. A short-lived, but lively,

Herodotus - An Account of Egypt, ebook

An Account of Egypt



The full translated text of 'An Account of Egypt', the ancient manuscript by the 'Father of History', Greek historian Herodotus. This is not only a fascinating look into the history of Ancient Egypt, but also a look into Herodotus' own world-view, as

Arafat, Alaa Al-Din - Egypt in Crisis, ebook

Egypt in Crisis

Arafat, Alaa Al-Din


The Myth of Sisyphus Egypt’s Delayed and Aborted Democratization
Alaa Al-Din Arafat
Part I. The Fall of the Islamists
2. The State of Ikhwan
Alaa Al-Din Arafat
3. Morsi, Mubarak’s Deep State, and Salafist Call
Alaa Al-Din Arafat

Willis, A. J. - The Vegetation of Egypt, ebook

The Vegetation of Egypt

Willis, A. J.


Table of contents
1. Egypt: The Gift of the Nile
M. A. Zahran, A. J. Willis
2. Physiography, Climate and Soil-Vegetation Relationships
M. A. Zahran, A. J. Willis
3. The Western Desert
M. A. Zahran, A. J. Willis
4. The Eastern Desert
M. A. Zahran, A. J. Willis
5. The Sinai Peninsula

Ashton, Sally-Ann - Cleopatra and Egypt, ebook

Cleopatra and Egypt

Ashton, Sally-Ann


This beautifully illustrated new biography of Cleopatra draws on literary, archaeological, and art historical evidence to paint an intimate and compelling portrait of the most famous Queen of Egypt.
Deconstructs the image of Cleopatra to uncover the complex historical figure behind the myth
Examines Greek, Roman, and

Burgoyne, Thomas - The Light of Egypt, ebook

The Light of Egypt

Burgoyne, Thomas


Thomas Burgoyne and Norman Astley both claimed to have contacted members of the 'Brotherhood of Light', a group of advanced ethereal beings who attempt to guide the destiny of humankind. They collected their ideas in these writings, and founded the Hermetic…