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Leszczynski, Dariusz - Radiation Proteomics, ebook

Radiation Proteomics

Leszczynski, Dariusz


Ionizing Radiation Effects on Cells, Organelles and Tissues on Proteome Level
Soile Tapio
3. Radiation Treatment Effects on the Proteome of the Tumour Microenvironment
Michael J. Atkinson
4. Serum and Plasma Proteomics

Domenech, Haydee - Radiation Safety, ebook

Radiation Safety

Domenech, Haydee


Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation
Haydee Domenech
3. Radiation Sources: Benefits and Risks
Haydee Domenech
4. Basic Quantities and Units in Radiation Safety
Haydee Domenech
5. Measuring Instruments and Methods
Haydee Domenech

Sanders, Charles L. - Radiobiology and Radiation Hormesis, ebook

Radiobiology and Radiation Hormesis

Sanders, Charles L.


Table of contents
1. Movers of Radiation Hormesis
Charles L. Sanders
2. Radiological Weapons
Charles L. Sanders
3. The Harmful and Fraudulent Basis for the LNT Assumption
Charles L. Sanders
4. Thresholds
Charles L. Sanders
5. Plutonium Particle Toxicity Myth
Charles L. Sanders
6. Wonderful

Grupen, Claus - Radioactivity and Radiation, ebook

Radioactivity and Radiation

Grupen, Claus


Table of contents
1. Why Should I Read This Book?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
2. What Are Radioactivity and Radiation?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
3. What Does Radiation Do?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
4. How Can We Make Radiation?
Claus Grupen, Mark Rodgers
5. What Are X Rays?
Claus Grupen,

FOUILLAT, PASCAL - Radiation Effects on Embedded Systems, ebook

Radiation Effects on Embedded Systems



Table of contents
1. Radiation Space Environment
Jean-Claude Boudenot
2. Radiation Effects in Microelectronics
R. D. Schrimpf
3. In-flight Anomalies on Electronic Devices
Robert Ecoffet
4. Multi-level Fault Effects Evaluation
L. Anghel, M. Rebaudengo, M. Sonza Reorda, M. Violante
5. Effects

Inge-Vechtomov, Sergey G. - Genetics, Evolution and Radiation, ebook

Genetics, Evolution and Radiation

Inge-Vechtomov, Sergey G.


Timoféeff-Ressovsky and His Action for Radiation Biophysics in Berlin-Buch and Dubna
Helmut Abel, Gudrun Erzgräber
Part II. Genetic Processes
5. Template Principle in Biology
Sergey G. Inge-Vechtomov
6. Mechanisms of Global and Region-Specific