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Barrett, Peter - Facilities Management: The Dynamics of Excellence, ebook

Facilities Management: The Dynamics of Excellence

Barrett, Peter


Facilities management continues to expand and develop in terms of the volume and diversity of commercial activity, with a significant influence upon organisational success and goal achievement. The two previous editions of Facilities Management have become…

Finch, Edward - Facilities Change Management, ebook

Facilities Change Management

Finch, Edward


Modern organisations are subject to continual change - technologies evolve, organisational structures are modified, people and underlying cultures are transformed. Yet the facilities that organisations occupy are static and can impede the changes that…

O'Dowd, Colin D. - Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols, ebook

Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols

O'Dowd, Colin D.


Relevance of Several Nucleation Theories in Different Environments
Michael Boy, Boris Bonn, Jan Kazil, Ned Lovejoy, Andrew Turnipseed, Jim Greenberg, Thomas Karl, Lee Mauldin, Edward Kusciuch, Jim Smith, Kelly Barsanti, Alex Guenther, Birgit Wehner, Olaf Hellmuth,