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Bridges, David - Philosophy in Educational Research, ebook

Philosophy in Educational Research

Bridges, David


Educational Research and Philosophy in ‘Interesting Times’
David Bridges
Part I. Educational Research and Its Intellectual Resources
2. The Disciplines and Discipline of Educational Research
David Bridges

Smeyers, Paul - Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology, ebook

Educational Research: The Attraction of Psychology

Smeyers, Paul


Struggling with the Historical Attractiveness of Psychology for Educational Research Illustrated by the Case of Nazi Germany
Marc Depaepe
3. On the Fatal Attractiveness of Psychology: Racism of Intelligence in Education
Jean-Claude Croizet
4. Psychology

Cole, David R. - Educational Life-Forms, ebook

Educational Life-Forms

Cole, David R.


The Educational Life-Forms of Current Systems
David R. Cole
4. Creating Educational Life-Forms Through Epiphanies
David R. Cole
5. Learning-Time in Deleuzian Practice (The Virtual)
David R. Cole
6. Building

Smeyers, Paul - Educational Research - the Ethics and Aesthetics of Statistics, ebook

Educational Research - the Ethics and Aesthetics of Statistics

Smeyers, Paul


Table of contents
1. Representation or Hard Evidence? The Use of Statistics in Education and Educational Research
Paul Smeyers, Marc Depaepe
2. The Lure of Statistics for Educational Researchers
David F. Labaree
3. Dazzling Statistics? On the University Expansion in Flanders and the Need for Research into

Gur-Ze’ev, Ilan - Diasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education, ebook

Diasporic Philosophy and Counter-Education

Gur-Ze’ev, Ilan


Diasporic Philosophy, Homelessness, and Counter-Education in Context: The Israeli-Palestinian Example
Ilan Gur-Ze’ev
3. Adorno and Horkheimer: Diasporic Philosophy, Negative Theology, and Counter-Education
Ilan Gur-Ze’ev

Green, Anthony - Blair’s Educational Legacy, ebook

Blair’s Educational Legacy

Green, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Blair and New Labour: Contexts, Legacies, and Prospects for Educating the Educators
Anthony Green
2. Education and the Crunch: Gloom and Opportunities
Patrick Ainley, Martin Allen
3. Education, Education, Education…

Semetsky, Inna - Jung and Educational Theory, ebook

Jung and Educational Theory

Semetsky, Inna


Jung and Educational Theory offers a new take on Jung’s work, providing original, rich and informative material on his impact on educational research.Explores Jung’s writing from the standpoint of educational

Mayo, Peter - Gramsci and Educational Thought, ebook

Gramsci and Educational Thought

Mayo, Peter


Through a series of writings from international scholars, Gramsci and Educational Thought pays tribute to the educational influence of Antonio Gramsci, considered one of the greatest social thinkers and political theorists of the 20th century. Represents