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Majhanovich, Suzanne - Economics, Aid and Education, ebook

Economics, Aid and Education

Majhanovich, Suzanne


Critical Analysis of Economics of Education Theories with Regard to the Quality of Education
Hasan Hüseyin Aksoy, Aygülen Karahan Karakul, Hatice O. Aras, Dilek Çankaya
Part II. Education

Paulsen, Michael B - Economics of Higher Education, ebook

Economics of Higher Education

Paulsen, Michael B


Higher Education Revenues and Expenditures
Robert K. Toutkoushian, Michael B. Paulsen
8. Competition and Production in Higher Education
Robert K. Toutkoushian, Michael B. Paulsen
9. Labor Economics and Higher Education

Ferguson, Ken - Essential Economics, ebook

Essential Economics

Ferguson, Ken


a concise and lucid account of the main concepts in economics. Mathematical applications are kept to a minimum and the book will appeal to those whose knowledge of maths is elementary.' - Roy Murphy, Bolton Institute 'There is a real problem with first year texts

Feraboli, Omar - Post-Crash Economics, ebook

Post-Crash Economics

Feraboli, Omar


History of Contemporary Economic Thought: Radical Economics, Marxist Economics and Marx ’s Economics
Jane Hardy
Part II. Problems in Micro Economics
5. Applying Principles of Action Learning in Undergraduate

Ramrattan, Lall B. - Collaborative Research in Economics, ebook

Collaborative Research in Economics

Ramrattan, Lall B.


The Productivity Impact of Collaborative Research in the Economics of Risk and Uncertainty
W. Kip Viscusi
5. Age, Cohort and Co-authorship: The Statistics of Collaboration
Daniel S. Hamermesh
6. Collaborative Choices in Econometrics
Charles F.

Matias, Álvaro - Tourism Economics, ebook

Tourism Economics

Matias, Álvaro


Table of contents
1. Impact of Tourism
Álvaro Matias, Peter Nijkamp, Manuela Sarmento
2. Education of Human Capital as a Source of Competitiveness in Tourist Destinations
Sandra M. Sánchez-Cañizares, Tomás J. López-Guzmán, Helena Reis
3. Competition Between and Within Tourist Destinations

Gilauri, Nika - Practical Economics, ebook

Practical Economics

Gilauri, Nika


Table of contents
1. Carpe Diem
Nika Gilauri
2. Fighting Corruption
Nika Gilauri
3. Rightsizing Fiscal and Monetary Policies
Nika Gilauri
4. Creating a Business-Friendly Climate
Nika Gilauri
5. Reforming Taxes and Customs
Nika Gilauri
6. Privatizing State-Owned Enterprises