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Hanstedt, Paul - General Education Essentials: A Guide for College Faculty, ebook

General Education Essentials: A Guide for College Faculty

Hanstedt, Paul

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Rhodes, vice president for Curriculum, Quality, and Assessment, Association of American Colleges and Universities
Every year, hundreds of small colleges, state schools, and large, research-oriented universities across the United States (and, increasingly, Europe and Asia) revisit their core and

Szkudlarek, Tomasz - Education and the Political, ebook

Education and the Political

Szkudlarek, Tomasz


Are Duties of Justice in Education Global in Scope?
Zdenko Kodelja
3. Education for Resistance, Education for Consensus?
Leszek Koczanowicz
4. Grammars of Privatization, Schooling, and the “Network State”
André Elias Mazawi
5. Identity

Roth, Wolff-Michael - What More in/for Science Education, ebook

What More in/for Science Education

Roth, Wolff-Michael


Table of contents
1. Epigraph
Wolff-Michael Roth
2. Ethnomethodology in/for Science Education
Wolff-Michael Roth
3. Glosses and Glossing Practices
Wolff-Michael Roth
4. The Work of Doing a Change of Plans
Wolff-Michael Roth
5. Endogenous Production of Order in Science Lessons

Preston, John - Disaster Education, ebook

Disaster Education

Preston, John


Mass Public Education for Preparing for Nuclear War – From Duck and Cover to Protect and Survive
John Preston
4. Dr. Strangelove I presume? Race, class and Tacit Intentionality in Public Education Campaigns for Nuclear

Oliveira, Inês Barbosa - Boaventura and Education, ebook

Boaventura and Education

Oliveira, Inês Barbosa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Inês Barbosa Oliveira
2. The Crisis of the Paradigm of Modernity and Post-Modern Science
Inês Barbosa Oliveira
3. The Sociology of Absences and the Sociology of Emergences
Inês Barbosa Oliveira
4. Education, Democratic Subjectivities Formation, and Social Democracy

Burridge, Nina - Indigenous Education, ebook

Indigenous Education

Burridge, Nina


Aboriginal Education Policy Contexts and Learning Pathways
Nina Burridge, Frances Whalan, Karen Vaughan
Part One.
2. An Historical Overview of Aboriginal Education Policies in the Australian Context

Risku, Michael - Education for Tomorrow, ebook

Education for Tomorrow

Risku, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael Risku, Letitia Harding
2. Indigenous Ways of Knowing
Michael Risku, Letitia Harding
3. Intuition and Attitudes toward Women
Michael Risku, Letitia Harding
4. Traditional Indigenous Education
Michael Risku, Letitia Harding
5. Indigenous and Western Ways

Spencer, Brenda L. - Canadian Education, ebook

Canadian Education

Spencer, Brenda L.


Understanding the World Bank’s Education for all Policy as Neoliberal Governmentality
Margarete Daugela
7. Towards a Genealogy of Academic Freedom in Canadian Universities1
Kenneth D. Gariepy
8. A Retrospective Look at the Social Construction of ‘Skilled’

Howells, Kerry - Gratitude in Education, ebook

Gratitude in Education

Howells, Kerry


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kerry Howells
2. A Landscape of Gratitude
Kerry Howells
3. Can’t We Call It Something Else?
Kerry Howells
4. Gratitude as A Practice
Kerry Howells
5. Little Practice, Big Effects