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Ouyang, Yao - The Development of BRIC and the Large Country Advantage, ebook

The Development of BRIC and the Large Country Advantage

Ouyang, Yao


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yao Ouyang
2. Related Literatures on Large Country Economy
Yao Ouyang
3. Concept: Comprehensive Advantages of Large Countries (CAOLC)
Yao Ouyang
4. Model: Analysis of Formation Mechanism
Yao Ouyang
5. Framework: Factor Structure Analysis
Yao Ouyang

Aysan, Ahmet Faruk - Turkish Economy, ebook

Turkish Economy

Aysan, Ahmet Faruk


On the Path to High-Income Status or to Middle-Income Trap: The Turkish Economy in Search of Its Future
Ahmet Faruk Aysan, Mehmet Babacan, Nurullah Gur, Hatice Karahan
Part I. Political Economy
2. The Role of the State in the Turkish Economy

Grivoyannis, Elias C. - The New Brazilian Economy, ebook

The New Brazilian Economy

Grivoyannis, Elias C.


The Brazilian Economy at the End of the 20th Century
Daví Antunes
Part II. Stabilization and Low Growth: 1994/Present
3. Manufacturing Industry and Growth: An Interpretation for the Performance of the Brazilian Economy

Hall, David - Emerging from an Entrenched Colonial Economy, ebook

Emerging from an Entrenched Colonial Economy

Hall, David


Table of contents
1. Introduction
David Hall
2. Changing Relationships
David Hall
3. A Brutal Snapping of the Anglo-New Zealand Nexus?
David Hall
4. Meat and the British Market
David Hall
5. Diversification of Meat Exports

Petrakis, Panagiotis E. - A New Growth Model for the Greek Economy, ebook

A New Growth Model for the Greek Economy

Petrakis, Panagiotis E.


Fiscal Multipliers and Growth in the Greek Economy: An Assessment of the Recent Fiscal Adjustment Program
Sotiris K. Papaioannou
19. The Impact of Sovereign Debt Ratings and Financial Performance on Bank Ratings
Evaggelos Drimpetas, Themistokles Lazarides

Shmelev, Stanislav - Green Economy Reader, ebook

Green Economy Reader

Shmelev, Stanislav


Political Economy in the Long Emergency
David W. Orr
2. How Economics Can Become Compatible with Democracy
Peter Söderbaum
3. Gaps in Mainstream Economics: Energy, Growth, and Sustainability
Robert U. Ayres
4. A Further Critique of Growth Economics

Fortis, Marco - The Pillars of the Italian Economy, ebook

The Pillars of the Italian Economy

Fortis, Marco


Production Districts and Their Relevance in the Italian Economy: A Few Analytical Profiles
Marco Fortis
3. Development Profiles of the Italian Industrial System and Its Exports from the Unification of Italy to the Present: The Case of Mechanical Engineering