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Breyer, Friedrich - Health Economics, ebook

Health Economics

Breyer, Friedrich


Optimal Health Insurance Contracts
Peter Zweifel, Friedrich Breyer, Mathias Kifmann
8. Risk Selection in Health Insurance Markets
Peter Zweifel, Friedrich Breyer, Mathias Kifmann
9. Physicians as Suppliers of Medical

Eckermann, Simon - Health Economics from Theory to Practice, ebook

Health Economics from Theory to Practice

Eckermann, Simon


Principles and Practice for Trial-Based Health Economic Analysis
Simon Eckermann
3. Avoiding Frankenstein’s Monster and Partial Analysis Problems: Robustly Synthesising, Translating and Extrapolating Evidence
Simon Eckermann
4. Beyond the Individual:

Razzouk, Denise - Mental Health Economics, ebook

Mental Health Economics

Razzouk, Denise


Introduction of Health Economics Applied to Mental Health
1. Introduction to Mental Health Economics
Denise Razzouk
2. Methods for Measuring and Estimating Costs
Denise Razzouk
3. Outcomes Measurement for Economic

Islam, Sardar M. N. - Normative Health Economics, ebook

Normative Health Economics

Islam, Sardar M. N.


Economic Evaluation of Health Programs: The Case for Cost Benefit Analysis
Sardar M. N. Islam, Christine Suet Yee Mak
3. New3 Cost Benefit Analysis
Sardar M. N. Islam, Christine Suet Yee Mak
4. Economic Evaluation: The Case of the Australian PBS

Elliott, Robert - Advances in Health Economics, ebook

Advances in Health Economics

Elliott, Robert


Many HERU alumni are among the most highly esteemed health economists in the world."
—Steve Morgan, University of British Columbia
This is a series of essays to mark the 25 anniversary of HERU. Existing and former HERU staff write about their special

Tassier, Troy - The Economics of Epidemiology, ebook

The Economics of Epidemiology

Tassier, Troy


Merging Economics and Epidemiology
4. Economic Modeling and Epidemiology
Troy Tassier
5. Econometrics and Epidemiology
Troy Tassier
Part III. An Introduction to Social Interactions
6. Interaction Networks: An Introduction
Troy Tassier

Hojjat, Rata - The Economics of Obesity, ebook

The Economics of Obesity

Hojjat, Rata


Table of contents
1. Different Perspectives on Causes of Obesity
Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, Rata Hojjat
2. Consequences of Obesity
Tahereh Alavi Hojjat, Rata Hojjat
3. Economic Analysis: Behavioral Pattern and Diet Choice
Tahereh Alavi…

Gijsel, Peter - Multidisciplinary Economics, ebook

Multidisciplinary Economics

Gijsel, Peter


Multidisciplinary Economics: The Birth of a New Economics Faculty in the Netherlands
1. Opening Address
P. P. Gijsel
2. Historical Mistakes Rectified
J. G. F. Veldhuis
3. Tjalling C. Koopmans: An Inspiring Example