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Duffy, John - CliffsQuickReview Economics, ebook

CliffsQuickReview Economics

Duffy, John


Whether you need a course supplement, help preparing for an exam, or a concise reference for the subject, CliffsQuickReview Economics can help. This guide covers macroeconomics, microeconomics, economic analysis, and economic analysis. In no time, you'll be tackling

Godley, Wynne - Monetary Economics, ebook

Monetary Economics

Godley, Wynne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
2. Balance Sheets, Transaction Matrices and the Monetary Circuit
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
3. The Simplest Model with Government Money
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie
4. Government Money with Portfolio Choice
Wynne Godley, Marc Lavoie

Cord, Robert A. - The Palgrave Companion to Cambridge Economics, ebook

The Palgrave Companion to Cambridge Economics

Cord, Robert A.


Cambridge in Mind: Economics and Psychology on the Cam
Vincent Barnett
7. Post Keynesian Economics in Cambridge
John E. King
8. Cambridge and Economic History
Martin Daunton
9. Theories Came and Went, Good Data Endured: Accounting at Cambridge

Ward, Benjamin - Dionysian Economics, ebook

Dionysian Economics

Ward, Benjamin


Physics and Economics—A Theory Comparo
Benjamin Ward
3. Physics and Economics—A Performance Comparo
Benjamin Ward
4. Immortal Constants
Benjamin Ward
5. Mitigations?
Benjamin Ward
Part II. Branches

Breyer, Friedrich - Health Economics, ebook

Health Economics

Breyer, Friedrich


Table of contents
2. Introduction
Peter Zweifel, Friedrich Breyer, Mathias Kifmann
3. Economic Valuation of Life and Health
Peter Zweifel, Friedrich Breyer, Mathias Kifmann
4. Individuals as Producers of Their Health
Peter Zweifel,…

Buckley, George - What You Need to Know about Economics, ebook

What You Need to Know about Economics

Buckley, George


Economics matters.  It determines everything from the price of this book, to how much your house costs, and whether or not you have a job.  But it always seems quite hard to understand.
What You Need to Know about Economics makes it easy,

Griffiths, M. R. - Value Economics, ebook

Value Economics

Griffiths, M. R.


Philosophy of Economics and Business Ethics
M. R. Griffiths, J. R. Lucas
13. New Economic Thinking and Economic Justice
M. R. Griffiths, J. R. Lucas

Bradbury, J.C. - Hot Stove Economics, ebook

Hot Stove Economics

Bradbury, J.C.


Table of contents
1. Why Johnny Estrada Is Worth Kevin Millwood: Valuing Players As Assets
J.C. Bradbury
2. Down With The Triple-Crown: Evaluating On-Field Performance
J.C. Bradbury
3. A Career Guide From Little League To Retirement:…

Blume, Lawrence E. - Monetary Economics, ebook

Monetary Economics

Blume, Lawrence E.


Table of contents
1. Bank of England
Charles A. E. Goodhart
2. Banking Crises
Charles W. Calomiris
3. Central Bank Independence
Carl E. Walsh
4. Commodity Money
François R. Velde, Warren E. Weber
5. Euro
Adam S. Posen
6. European Central Bank
Michael Binder, Volker Wieland