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Bek-Thomsen, Jakob - History of Economic Rationalities, ebook

History of Economic Rationalities

Bek-Thomsen, Jakob


” Changes in Economic Rationality in Early Modern Times
Catherine Secretan
3. “The Nutrition of a Commonwealth:” On Hobbes’s Economic Thought
Laurens Apeldoorn
4. Circulation of Blood and Money in Leviathan – Hobbes on the Economy of the Body

Bolt, Jutta - Botswana – A Modern Economic History, ebook

Botswana – A Modern Economic History

Bolt, Jutta


Table of contents
Part I. Part 1
1. An African Diamond in the Rough
Ellen Hillbom, Jutta Bolt
2. Precolonial Economy and Society, c. 1850–1930
Ellen Hillbom, Jutta Bolt
Part II. Part 2
3. Colonial Policies and the Cattle Economy,…

Baba, Satoshi - Economic History of Cities and Housing, ebook

Economic History of Cities and Housing

Baba, Satoshi


Economic and Social History of Cities and Housing in Japan and Europe
1. Landowners and Tenant Farmers in the Process of Urban Formation: A Case Study of Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, 1937–1952
Akinobu Numajiri
2. Housing Reconstruction in War-Damaged

Ramrattan, Lall - Economic Ironies Throughout History, ebook

Economic Ironies Throughout History

Ramrattan, Lall


Table of contents
Part I. Historical and Logical Aspects of Irony
1. Introduction
Michael Szenberg, Lall Ramrattan
2. Definitions of Irony
Michael Szenberg, Lall Ramrattan
3. Irony over Historical Periods
Michael Szenberg, Lall…