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Council, of Economic Experts German - Dual Income Tax, ebook

Dual Income Tax

Council, of Economic Experts German


Table of contents
1. Dual Income Tax: Supporting Arguments and Design – An Overview
2. Taxing Corporations and Their Shareholders
3. Taxing Transparent Entities
4. Individual Aspects of Dual Income Tax

Barnes, Trevor J. - Economic Geography: A Critical Introduction, ebook

Economic Geography: A Critical Introduction

Barnes, Trevor J.


"Two of economic geography's most gifted practitioners here offer an analysis of their sub-discipline full of insight, verve, and attitude. Their wide and deep understanding of economic geography as a heterodox, contested field of knowledge allows them

Kim, Tai-Yoo - Economic Growth, ebook

Economic Growth

Kim, Tai-Yoo


Introduction to and Summary of Economic Growth: The New Perspectives for Theory and Policy
Tai-Yoo Kim, Almas Heshmati
2. Decelerating Agricultural Society: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives
Tai-Yoo Kim, Almas Heshmati, Jihyoun Park
3. Accelerating

Blume, Lawrence E. - Economic Growth, ebook

Economic Growth

Blume, Lawrence E.


Table of contents
1. balanced growth
Johnathan Temple
2. biased and unbiased technological change
Peter L. Rousseau
3. classical economics and economic growth
Gavin Cameron
4. convergence
Steven N. Durlauf, Paul A. Johnson
5. creative destruction
Ricardo J. Caballero
6. Easterlin hypothesis

Barnes, Trevor J. - The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography, ebook

The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography

Barnes, Trevor J.


The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Economic Geography presents students and researchers with a comprehensive overview of the field, put together by a prestigious editorial team, with contributions from an international cast of prominent scholars. Offers a fully revised, expanded, and

Kornai, János - Institutional Change and Economic Behaviour, ebook

Institutional Change and Economic Behaviour

Kornai, János


Institutional Causes of Economic Underdevelopment in the Middle East: a Historical Perspective
Timur Kuran
4. Understanding the Great Changes in the World: Gaining Ground and Losing Ground since World War II
Edmund S. Phelps
5. The Schumpeterian Approach

Davidson, Paul - Economic Reform Now, ebook

Economic Reform Now

Davidson, Paul


Table of contents
1. Uncertainty and Austerity Policy
Paul Davidson
2. New Thinking and a Strategic Policy Agenda
James K. Galbraith
3. Labor Markets and Economic Development
Heiner Flassbeck
4. Balance Sheet Recessions and the Global Economic Crisis
Richard Koo
5. Economic Integration and