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Nemeth, Thomas - Kant in Imperial Russia, ebook

Kant in Imperial Russia

Nemeth, Thomas


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Introduction
Thomas Nemeth
Part II. Before the Great Reforms
2. First Acquaintances – The Eighteenth Century
Thomas Nemeth
3. A New Century and a New Era – Moscow, Kazan, Dorpat

Dumitraşcu, Nicu - The Ecumenical Legacy of the Cappadocians, ebook

The Ecumenical Legacy of the Cappadocians

Dumitraşcu, Nicu


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kallistos Ware
2. Creation, Cosmogony, and Cappadocian Cosmology
Carl Séan O’Brien
3. Some Considerations regarding the Cappadocian Trinitarian Ontology
Mihai Himcinschi
4. The Cappadocians’…

Tibi, Bassam - Islam between Culture and Politics, ebook

Islam between Culture and Politics

Tibi, Bassam


Institutions of Learning and Education in Islam: between the Cultural Accommodation of Change, Religious Orthodoxy and the Politics of Cultural Islamisation
Bassam Tibi
Part IV. The Topicality: Islam and the West between Inter-Civilisational Dialogue and Political