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Dimri, V. P. - Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System, ebook

Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System

Dimri, V. P.


Scaling Evidences of Thermal Properties in Earth’s Crust and its Implications
V.P. Dimri, Nimisha Vedanti
8. Fractal Methods in Self-Potential Signals Measured in Seismic Areas
Luciano Telesca, Vincenzo Lapenna
9. Earth System Modeling Through Chaos

Boedecker, G. - Observation of the Earth System from Space, ebook

Observation of the Earth System from Space

Boedecker, G.


Harmonic Analysis of the Earth’s Gravitational Field from Kinematic CHAMP Orbits based on Numerically Derived Satellite Accelerations
Tilo Reubelt, Martin Götzelmann, Erik W. Grafarend
4. Earthquake Signatures in the Ionosphere Deduced from Ground and Space

Rhodes, Frank H. T. - Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology, ebook

Language of the Earth: A Literary Anthology

Rhodes, Frank H. T.


Man's complex relationship to planet Earth is explored in this second edition of the landmark anthology edited by Frank Rhodes and Bruce Malamud. This volume provides a portrait of the planet as experienced not just by scientists, but by artists, aviators, poets, philosophers, novelists,

Orcutt, John - Earth System Monitoring, ebook

Earth System Monitoring

Orcutt, John


Table of contents
1. Earth System Monitoring, Introduction
John Orcutt
2. Airborne and Space-borne Remote Sensing of Cryosphere
Kenneth C. Jezek
3. Aircraft and Space Atmospheric Measurements Using Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL)
Russell Young
4. Contemporary Sea Level Variations, Observations

Saha, Kshudiram - The Earth’s Atmosphere, ebook

The Earth’s Atmosphere

Saha, Kshudiram


The Sun and the Earth – The Solar System and the Earth’s Gravitation
Kshudiram Saha
2. The Earth’s Atmosphere – Its Origin, Composition and Properties
Kshudiram Saha

Ford, Rupert - Earth System Modelling - Volume 5, ebook

Earth System Modelling - Volume 5

Ford, Rupert


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Rupert Ford, Graham Riley
2. ESM Workflow
V. Balaji, Amy Langenhorst
3. Applying Scientific Workflow to ESM
Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu
4. Configuration Management and Version Control in Earth System Modelling
Mick Carter, Dave Matthews
5. Building Earth System Models