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Ching, Francis D. K. - Design Drawing, ebook

Design Drawing

Ching, Francis D. K.


In Design Drawing, Second Edition, he unmasks the basic cognitive processes that drive visual perception and expression, incorporating observation, memory, and rendering into a creative whole. This edition unites imaginative vision with fundamental architectural principles

Davies, Jo  - Drawing – The Process, ebook

Drawing – The Process

Davies, Jo


Drawing - The Process is a collection of papers, theories and interviews based on the conference and exhibition of the same name held at Kingston University. A wide range of approaches, both practical and theoretical, and their varied contexts within the field of drawing,

Spiller, Neil - Drawing Architecture AD, ebook

Drawing Architecture AD

Spiller, Neil


This is also true in the world of architectural drawing, which paradoxically is enjoying a renaissance supported by the graphic dexterity of the computer. This new fecundity has produced a contemporary glut of stunning architectural drawings

Hoddinott, Brenda - Drawing For Dummies, ebook

Drawing For Dummies

Hoddinott, Brenda


Drawing your everyday experiences can change how you and others see the world, while drawing from your imagination can give rise to fantastic new worlds. And, despite what you may believe, it's something just about anyone can learn

Sullivan, Chip - Drawing the Landscape, ebook

Drawing the Landscape

Sullivan, Chip

From 84,80€

This elegant Fourth Edition of Chip Sullivan's classic Drawing the Landscape shows how to use drawing as a path towards understanding the natural and built environment. It offers guidance for tapping into and exploring personal creative potential and

Cook, Peter - Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture, ebook

Drawing: The Motive Force of Architecture

Cook, Peter


Focusing on the creative and inventive significance of drawing for architecture, this book by one of its greatest proponents, Peter Cook, is an established classic. It exudes Cook's delight and catholic appetite for the architectural. Readers are provided with perceptive insights at every

Fisher, Dean - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Drawing, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Drawing

Fisher, Dean


There's no reason to be intimidated by art; creating a compelling drawing can be nothing more than breaking down the process into a few simple stages. This book shows you how to consider the shape of an object, render light and shadow, and make your drawings