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Smaill, Belinda - The Documentary, ebook

The Documentary

Smaill, Belinda


Documentary and Pleasure
1. Introduction: Representation and Documentary Emotion
Belinda Smaill
2. Pleasure and Disgust: Desire and the Female Porn Star
Belinda Smaill
Part II. Pain and the Other
3. Injury, Identity and Recognition: Rize and Fix:

Brylla, Catalin - Documentary and Disability, ebook

Documentary and Disability

Brylla, Catalin


Introduction: The Bricolage of Documentary and Disability
Catalin Brylla, Helen Hughes
Part I. Film Practice
2. Not Without Us: Collaborating across Difference in Documentary Filmmaking
Samuel Avery
3. Visual Psychological Anthropology and the Lived

McLaughlin, Cahal  - Truth or Dare: Art & Documentary, ebook

Truth or Dare: Art & Documentary

McLaughlin, Cahal


‘Truth or Dare: Art and Documentary’ was a conference and a set of screenings that took place during February 2006 at the Whitechapel Art Gallery and Tate Modern. This book is the outcome of that event, combining transcriptions of the talks and conversations, as well as several specially

Juhasz, Alexandra - A Companion to Contemporary Documentary Film, ebook

A Companion to Contemporary Documentary Film

Juhasz, Alexandra


A Companion to Contemporary Documentary Film presents a collection of original essays that explore major issues surrounding the state of current documentary films and their capacity to inspire and effect change.  Presents a comprehensive collection

Miles, Adrian - Digital Media and Documentary, ebook

Digital Media and Documentary

Miles, Adrian


The Documentary Designer: A List of Propositions for Interactive Documentary Practice Online
Seth Keen
5. Ambient Media Making, Auto-Documentary, and Affect
Adrian Miles
6. Miniature and Series: The Re-invention

Chapman, James - A New History of British Documentary, ebook

A New History of British Documentary

Chapman, James


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Chapman
2. Documentary Before Grierson
James Chapman
3. Documentary in the 1930s
James Chapman
4. Documentary at War
James Chapman
5. Post-War Documentary
James Chapman
6. Television and Documentary
James Chapman
7. Alternative and Oppositional

Hight, Craig - New Documentary Ecologies, ebook

New Documentary Ecologies

Hight, Craig


Clicking on the World: Documentary Representation and Interactivity
Kate Nash
5. Interactive Documentary and Affective Ecologies
Adrian Miles
6. Web-Weaving: The Affective Movement of Documentary Imaging

Robinson, Luke - Independent Chinese Documentary, ebook

Independent Chinese Documentary

Robinson, Luke


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Luke Robinson
2. Mapping Independent Chinese Documentary
Luke Robinson
3. Metaphor and Event
Luke Robinson
4. Time, Space and Movement
Luke Robinson
5. Ethics, the Body and Digital Video

Sharma, Aparna - Documentary Films in India, ebook

Documentary Films in India

Sharma, Aparna


An Arrested Eye: Trauma and Becoming in Desire Machine Collective’s Documentary Installations
Aparna Sharma
6. Passage
Aparna Sharma
7. Residue
Aparna Sharma
8. A Turn Towards the Classical: the Documentaries

Navarro, Vinicius - New Documentaries in Latin America, ebook

New Documentaries in Latin America

Navarro, Vinicius


First-Person Documentary and the New Political Subject: Enunciation, Recent History, and the Present in New Argentine Cinema
Antonio Gómez
4. Under the Surface of the Image: Cultural Narrative, Symbolic Landscapes, and National Identity in the Films of Jorge