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Howie, Gillian - Women and the Divine, ebook

Women and the Divine

Howie, Gillian


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gillian Howie, J’annine Jobling
2. Toward a Divine in the Feminine
Luce Irigaray
3. Transcendence and Feminist Philosophy
Pamela Sue Anderson
4. Transcendence, Materialism, and the Reenchantment of Nature
Patrice Haynes
5. Transcendence and Immanence

Tickle, Phyllis - The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition, ebook

The Divine HoursTM, Pocket Edition

Tickle, Phyllis


When Phyllis Tickle's marvelous devotional trilogy The Divine HoursTM appeared, readers responded with gratitude, praise, and a great many requests for an edition of hourly prayers that they could easily carry with them--an edition that would make this ancient form of Christian worship compatible

van Inwagen, Peter - Persons: Human and Divine, ebook

Persons: Human and Divine

van Inwagen, Peter


The nature of persons is a perennial topic of debate in philosophy, currently enjoying something of a revival. In this volume for the first time metaphysical debates about the nature of human persons are brought together with related debates in philosophy Copying…