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Gervasi, Osvaldo - Grid and Distributed Computing, ebook

Grid and Distributed Computing

Gervasi, Osvaldo


An Architecture and Supporting Environment of Service-Oriented Computing Based-On Context Awareness
Tianxiao Ma, Gang Wu, Jun Huang
4. Relaxed Time Slot Negotiation for Grid Resource Allocation
Seokho Son, Kwang Mong Sim
5. A Brokering Protocol for

Georgiou, Chryssis - Do-All Computing in Distributed Systems, ebook

Do-All Computing in Distributed Systems

Georgiou, Chryssis


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Distributed Cooperation Problems: Models and Definitions
3. Synchronous Do-All with Crashes: Using Perfect Knowledge and Reliable Multicast
4. Synchronous Do-All with Crashes and Point-to-Point Messaging
5. Synchronous Do-All with Crashes and Restarts
6. Synchronous