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Grossman, Peter - Discrete Mathematics for Computing, ebook

Discrete Mathematics for Computing

Grossman, Peter


Written with a clear and informal style Discrete Mathematics for Computing is aimed at first year undergraduate computing students with very little mathematical background. It is a low-level introductory text which takes the topics at a gentle pace,

Klazar, Martin - Topics in Discrete Mathematics, ebook

Topics in Discrete Mathematics

Klazar, Martin


Table of contents
Part I. Algebra, Geometry, Numbers
1. Countable Almost Rigid Heyting Algebras
Michael E. Adams, Aleš Pultr
2. Piecewise-Bohr Sets of Integers and Combinatorial Number Theory
Vitaly Bergelson, Hillel Furstenberg, Benjamin…

Prömel, Hans Jürgen - Ramsey Theory for Discrete Structures, ebook

Ramsey Theory for Discrete Structures

Prömel, Hans Jürgen


Table of contents
Part I. Roots of Ramsey Theory
1. Ramsey’s Theorem
Hans Jürgen Prömel
2. From Hilbert’s Cube Lemma to Rado’s Thesis
Hans Jürgen Prömel
Part II. A Starting Point of Ramsey Theory: Parameter Sets
3. Definitions…

Loebl, Martin - A Journey Through Discrete Mathematics, ebook

A Journey Through Discrete Mathematics

Loebl, Martin


Transport-Entropy Inequalities and Curvature in Discrete-Space Markov Chains
Ronen Eldan, James R. Lee, Joseph Lehec
17. Bounding Helly Numbers via Betti Numbers
Xavier Goaoc, Pavel Paták, Zuzana Patáková, Martin Tancer, Uli Wagner
18. Ruled Surface