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Brylla, Catalin - Documentary and Disability, ebook

Documentary and Disability

Brylla, Catalin


Valorising Disability on Screen: When Did ‘Inspirational’ Become a Dirty Word?
Veronica Wain
5. Spectatorship and Alternative Portrayals of Blindness
Catalin Brylla
6. Aberrancy and Autobiographical Documentary
Phoebe Hart
Part II. Representation

Fearns, Debra - Learning Disability Nursing at a Glance, ebook

Learning Disability Nursing at a Glance

Fearns, Debra


Learning Disability Nursing at a Glance is the perfectcompanion for study and revision from the publishers of themarket-leading at a Glance series. This visual, dynamic anduser-friendly resource addresses the key principles underpinningcontemporary learning disability

Mitra, Sophie - Disability, Health and Human Development, ebook

Disability, Health and Human Development

Mitra, Sophie


The Human Development Model of Disability, Health and Wellbeing
Sophie Mitra
3. Measurement, Data and Country Context
Sophie Mitra
4. Prevalence of Functional Difficulties
Sophie Mitra
5. Functional Difficulties and Inequalities Through a Static

Ellis, Katie - Disability Media Work, ebook

Disability Media Work

Ellis, Katie


Digital Disability Media Disclosure: The Business of Blogging and Web Series Diversity
Katie Ellis
7. Disability Participation in the Media: New Directions for Research
Katie Ellis

Arndt, Katrina - Foundations of Disability Studies, ebook

Foundations of Disability Studies

Arndt, Katrina


Musical Becoming: Intellectual Disability and the Transformative Power of Music
Licia Carlson
6. Lomax’s Matrix: Disability, Solidarity, and the Black Power of 504
Susan Schweik
7. Toward a Postcolonial Neurology:

Assaf, Lori Czop - Inclusion, Disability and Culture, ebook

Inclusion, Disability and Culture

Assaf, Lori Czop


Disability, Culture, and Identity in India and USA
Christopher J. Johnstone, Sandhya Limaye, Misa Kayama
3. Disability: A Result of Cultural Ostracism
Samidha Shikha
4. Perseverance Pays
Satendra Singh
5. “Not Everybody Can Take Trips Like

Beacom, Aaron - The Palgrave Handbook of Paralympic Studies, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of Paralympic Studies

Beacom, Aaron


Disability Models: Explaining and Understanding Disability Sport in Different Ways
Brett Smith, Andrea Bundon
3. Multiple Oppression and Tackling Stigma Through Sport
Anjali J. Forber-Pratt
4. Disability and Barriers to Inclusion
Hayley Fitzgerald

Arndt, Katrina - Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies, ebook

Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies

Arndt, Katrina


Disability Studies and Social Geography Make a Good Marriage: Research on Life Trajectories of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Additional Mental Health Problems
Lien Claes, Elisabeth Schauwer, Geert Hove
6. A Spiritual and Transformative Perspective