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Falero, Sandra M. - Digital Participatory Culture and the TV Audience, ebook

Digital Participatory Culture and the TV Audience

Falero, Sandra M.


Table of contents
1. “Meet Market”: The Attraction of a Place Without Pity
Sandra M. Falero
2. “The Industry”: A Brief History of Audiences In and Out of Control
Sandra M. Falero
3. “Give Pete a Line”: Participatory Television and the TWoP Community
Sandra M. Falero
4. “Sorkin Situations”:

McDougall, Julian - Digital Media, Culture and Education, ebook

Digital Media, Culture and Education

McDougall, Julian


Table of contents
1. Foreword – Terms and Conditions
John Potter, Julian McDougall
2. Dynamic Literacies
John Potter, Julian McDougall
3. Third Spaces and Digital Making
John Potter, Julian McDougall
4. Digital Curation/Digital Production: Storying the Digital Learner
John Potter, Julian McDougall

Athique, Adrian - Digital Media and Society: An Introduction, ebook

Digital Media and Society: An Introduction

Athique, Adrian


The rise of digital media has been widely regarded as transforming the nature of our social experience in the twenty-first century. The speed with which new forms of connectivity and communication are being incorporated into our everyday lives often gives us little time to stop and consider

Smithies, James - The Digital Humanities and the Digital Modern, ebook

The Digital Humanities and the Digital Modern

Smithies, James


Artificial Intelligence, Digital Humanities, and the Automation of Labour
James Smithies
5. Towards a Systems Analysis of the Humanities
James Smithies
6. Software Intensive Humanities
James Smithies
7. The Ethics of Production
James Smithies

Marres, Noortje - Digital Sociology: The Reinvention of Social Research, ebook

Digital Sociology: The Reinvention of Social Research

Marres, Noortje


This provocative new introduction to the field of digital sociology offers a critical overview of interdisciplinary debates about new ways of knowing society that are emerging today at the interface of computing, media, social research and social life.
Digital Sociology introduces key

Selwyn, Neil - What is Digital Sociology?, ebook

What is Digital Sociology?

Selwyn, Neil


The rise of digital technology is transforming the world in which we live. Our digitalized societies demand new ways of thinking about the social, and this short book introduces readers to an approach that can deliver this: digital sociology.
Neil Selwyn examines the concepts, tools

Park, Sora - Digital Capital, ebook

Digital Capital

Park, Sora


The State of Digital Inequalities: Interplay Between Social and Digital Exclusion
Sora Park
4. Understanding Digital Capital Within a User’s Digital Technology Ecosystem

Jenkins, Henry - Participatory Culture: Interviews, ebook

Participatory Culture: Interviews

Jenkins, Henry


For the first time, Jenkins – often called “the Marshall McLuhan for the twenty-first century” – compiles some of these interviews to highlight his recurring interests in popular culture and social change.
Structured around three core concepts –