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Schmitt, Carl - Dictatorship, ebook


Schmitt, Carl


Now available in English for the first time, Dictatorship is Carl Schmitt’s most scholarly book and arguably a paradigm for his entire work.

Written shortly after the Russian Revolution and the First World War, Schmitt analyses the problem of the state of emergency and the

Pack, Sasha D. - Tourism and Dictatorship, ebook

Tourism and Dictatorship

Pack, Sasha D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sasha D. Pack
2. Travel and Tourism in Spanish History
Sasha D. Pack
3. Tourism and International Engagement, 1945–1957
Sasha D. Pack
4. From Nationalist Propaganda to Consumer Diplomacy

Galaty, Michael L. - Archaeology Under Dictatorship, ebook

Archaeology Under Dictatorship

Galaty, Michael L.


Table of contents
1. The Practice of Archaeology Under Dictatorship
Michael L. Galaty, Charles Watkinson
2. Fascism in the Desert A Microcosmic View of Archaeological Politics
D. J. Ian Begg
3. The Trojans in Epirus: Archaeology, Myth…

Kim, Michael - Mass Dictatorship and Modernity, ebook

Mass Dictatorship and Modernity

Kim, Michael


Introduction: Mass Dictatorship and the Radical Project for Modernity
Michael Kim, Michael Schoenhals
Part I. Radical Projects for Modernisation
2. Mass Dictatorship: A Transnational Formation of Modernity

Lim, Jie-Hyun - Gender Politics and Mass Dictatorship, ebook

Gender Politics and Mass Dictatorship

Lim, Jie-Hyun


Series Introduction: Mapping Mass Dictatorship: Towards a Transnational History of Twentieth-Century Dictatorship
1. Series Introduction: Mapping Mass Dictatorship: Towards a Transnational History of Twentieth-Century Dictatorship

Dávila, Jerry - Dictatorship in South America, ebook

Dictatorship in South America

Dávila, Jerry

From 21,80€

Dictatorship in South America explores the experiences of Brazilian, Argentine and Chilean experience under military rule. Presents a single-volume thematic study that explores experiences with dictatorship as well as their social and historical contexts

Corner, Paul - The Palgrave Handbook of Mass Dictatorship, ebook

The Palgrave Handbook of Mass Dictatorship

Corner, Paul


Introduction: Mass Dictatorship as Modernizing Project: Some Preliminary Reflections
Konrad Jarausch
2. History of Future. Imagining the Communist Future: The Soviet and Chinese Cases Compared
S. A. Smith
3. Sociopolitical Engineering
Guido Franzinetti

Sarsenov, Karin - Imagining Mass Dictatorships, ebook

Imagining Mass Dictatorships

Sarsenov, Karin


Ulrike and the War: World War II, Mass Dictatorship and Nazism in the Eyes of a German Girl
Bibi Jonsson
6. Through the Eyes of a Child: Childhood and Mass Dictatorship in Modern European Literature
Karin Nykvist