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Somalingam, Thusinta - Doing Diaspora, ebook

Doing Diaspora

Somalingam, Thusinta


Der transnationale Bildungsraum der Tamil-Diaspora und seine Implikationen
Thusinta Somalingam
10. „Doing-Diaspora“ – Fazit und Ausblick
Thusinta Somalingam

Örs, İlay Romain - Diaspora of the City, ebook

Diaspora of the City

Örs, İlay Romain


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Basics and Beginnings
İlay Romain Örs
2. Cosmopolitan Knowledge: Impressions from Everyday Life in Athens
İlay Romain Örs
3. Exclusive Diversity and the Ambiguity of Being Out of Place

Pande, Amba - Women in the Indian Diaspora, ebook

Women in the Indian Diaspora

Pande, Amba


Women in Indian Diaspora: Redefining Self Between Dislocation and Relocation
Amba Pande
Part I. The Context of Theory and Identity
2. Centring Gendered Narratives of the Indian Diaspora
Sandhya Rao Mehta
3. The Rhetoric of Deliberation and the Space

Daswani, Girish - A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism, ebook

A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism

Daswani, Girish


A Companion to Diaspora and Transnationalism offers a ground-breaking combined discussion of the concepts of diaspora and transnationalism. Newly commissioned essays by leading scholars provide interdisciplinary perspectives that link together the concepts

Ogunyemi, Ola - Media, Diaspora and Conflict, ebook

Media, Diaspora and Conflict

Ogunyemi, Ola


The Media Use of Diaspora in a Conflict Situation: A Case Study of Venezuelans in Finland
Virpi Salojärvi
12. A Comparative Analysis of the Representation of Syrian Refugees in Turkish and Diasporic Media: The Case of “etilaf.org”
Burcu Kaya Erdem,

Osman, Idil - Media, Diaspora and the Somali Conflict, ebook

Media, Diaspora and the Somali Conflict

Osman, Idil


The Somali Migration: Diaspora Coming into Being
Idil Osman
4. Conceptualising Conflict Re-creation
Idil Osman
5. Transnationalising Conflict: Somali Diasporic Media in Action
Idil Osman
6. Mediatising Conflict: Reason and Reckoning

Prabhu, Anjali - Contemporary Cinema of Africa and the Diaspora, ebook

Contemporary Cinema of Africa and the Diaspora

Prabhu, Anjali


Analyzing art house films from the African continent and the African diaspora, this book showcases a new generation of auteurs with African origins from political, aesthetic, and spectatorship perspectives.
• Focuses on art house cinema and discusses commercial African cinema

Bolognani, Marta - Pakistan and Its Diaspora, ebook

Pakistan and Its Diaspora

Bolognani, Marta


Table of contents
Part 1. Introduction
1. The Mirror Crack’d: Shifting Gazes and the Curse of Truths
Stephen M. Lyon, Marta Bolognani
Part 2. The Public Sphere
2. Rang de Basanti in Pakistan? Elite Student Activism, the Emergence of a Virtual Globalized Public Sphere, and the 2007 Emergency
Marta Bolognani