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Littleton, Karen - Developmental Psychology in Action, ebook

Developmental Psychology in Action

Littleton, Karen


Developmental Psychology in Action looks at how psychologists contribute to the development and well-being of children in practical ways. The role of psychologists and psychological theory is considered with respect to specific topics which focus on

Easterbrooks, M. Ann - Handbook of Psychology, Developmental Psychology, ebook

Handbook of Psychology, Developmental Psychology

Easterbrooks, M. Ann

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Psychology is of interest to academics from many fields, as well as to the thousands of academic and clinical psychologists and general public who can't help but be interested in learning more about why humans think and behave as they do. This award-winning twelve-volume reference covers

Hulme, Charles - Developmental Disorders of Language Learning and Cognition, ebook

Developmental Disorders of Language Learning and Cognition

Hulme, Charles


This important new text is a comprehensive survey of current thinking and research on a wide range of developmental disorders.Highlights key research on normal and typical developmentIncludes clinical case studies and diagrams to illustrate key conceptsA reader-friendly writing style

Clark, Philip M. - Developmental Psychology in Historical Perspective, ebook

Developmental Psychology in Historical Perspective

Clark, Philip M.

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This is the first book to provide a comprehensive overview of the history of developmental psychology, from the pre-scientific era to the present day. Covers the first research published in Germany, America, and France during the late 19th century Examines