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Littleton, Karen - Developmental Psychology in Action, ebook

Developmental Psychology in Action

Littleton, Karen


Developmental Psychology in Action looks at how psychologists contribute to the development and well-being of children in practical ways. The role of psychologists and psychological theory is considered with respect to specific topics which focus on child development in the context of social,

Cicchetti, Dante - Developmental Psychopathology, Theory and Method, ebook

Developmental Psychopathology, Theory and Method

Cicchetti, Dante


The seminal reference for the latest research in developmental psychopathology
Developmental Psychopathology is a four-volume compendium of the most complete and current research on every aspect of the field. Volume One: Theory and Method focuses on the theoretical and empirical work

Hulme, Charles - Developmental Disorders of Language Learning and Cognition, ebook

Developmental Disorders of Language Learning and Cognition

Hulme, Charles


This important new text is a comprehensive survey of current thinking and research on a wide range of developmental disorders.Highlights key research on normal and typical developmentIncludes clinical case studies and diagrams to illustrate key conceptsA reader-friendly writing style

Satoh, Noriyuki - Developmental Genomics of Ascidians, ebook

Developmental Genomics of Ascidians

Satoh, Noriyuki


The simplicity and lack of redundancy in their regulatory genes have made ascidians one of the most useful species in studying developmental genomics. In Developmental Genomics of Ascidians, Dr. Noriyuki Satoh explains the developmental

Dye, Frank J. - Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology, ebook

Dictionary of Developmental Biology and Embryology

Dye, Frank J.


Topics covered range from germ layers, induction, and fundamental terminology, through to RNAi, evo-devo, and stem cell differentiation, hallmarks of modern developmental biology and embryology. Also included in the new edition are major discoveries and significant

Shervington, Martin - Developmental Coaching, ebook

Developmental Coaching

Shervington, Martin


'Developmental Coaching' is a transformative programme designed to enable true shifts in consciousness in executives, professionals and coaches. It has already been delivered to hundreds of people across the globe with stunning affects. It really works to meet the

Pallas, Sarah L. - Developmental Plasticity of Inhibitory Circuitry, ebook

Developmental Plasticity of Inhibitory Circuitry

Pallas, Sarah L.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Sarah L. Pallas
2. The Origins and Specification of Cortical Interneurons
Asif Maroof, Stewart Anderson
3. Role of Spontaneous Activity in the Maturation of GABAergic Synapses in Embryonic Spinal Circuits
Carlos E. Gonzalez-Islas, Peter Wenner
4. Regulation of Inhibitory