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Guérin, Isabelle - Under Development: Gender, ebook

Under Development: Gender

Guérin, Isabelle


A History of Development Through a Gender Prism: Feminist and Decolonial Perspectives
Christine Verschuur
3. Feminist Anthropology Meets Development
Fenneke Reysoo
4. Gender and Demography: A Fertile Combination
Agnès Adjamagbo, Thérèse Locoh

Bracking, Sarah - Corruption and Development, ebook

Corruption and Development

Bracking, Sarah


Political Development and Corruption: Why ‘Right Here, Right Now!’?
Sarah Bracking
2. The Limits of a Global Campaign against Corruption
Kalin S. Ivanov
3. Economic Models of Corruption
Vincent G. Fitzsimons
Part II. Corruption, Political

Hu, Guangyu - The Cost of Development in China, ebook

The Cost of Development in China

Hu, Guangyu


Learning and Practice of Scientific Outlook on Development: Considering Maximization of Net Welfare as the Scientific Political Achievement View
Guangyu Hu
2. Scientific Development of China in the Future: Inspiration of

Mavrotas, George - Development Aid, ebook

Development Aid

Mavrotas, George


Table of contents
1. Development Aid: Expectations, Effectiveness and Allocation
George Mavrotas, Mark McGillivray
2. Decentralizing Aid with Interested Parties
Gil S. Epstein, Ira N. Gang
3. Blind Spots on the Map of Aid Allocations: Concentration and Complementarity of International NGO Aid