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Kararach, George - Development Policy in Africa, ebook

Development Policy in Africa

Kararach, George


Macroeconomic Policy Challenges in Africa
George Kararach
4. Migration, the Youth Bulge and Population Dynamics
George Kararach
5. Infrastructure and Connectivity
George Kararach
6. Food Security and African Development
George Kararach

Chopra, Kanchan - Development and Environmental Policy in India, ebook

Development and Environmental Policy in India

Chopra, Kanchan


Land and Forest Policy: Resources for Development or Our Natural Resources?
Kanchan Chopra
3. Climate Change Policy in India
Kanchan Chopra
4. Rights-Based Approaches: Do Environmental Movements Make a Dent on Policy?
Kanchan Chopra
5. Does

Rugraff, Eric - Transnational Corporations and Development Policy, ebook

Transnational Corporations and Development Policy

Rugraff, Eric


TNCs and Development: an Overview
2. How Have TNCs Changed in the Last 50 Years?
Eric Rugraff, Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, Andy Sumner
3. What Do We Know about the Developmental Impacts of TNCs?
Eric Rugraff, Diego Sánchez-Ancochea, Andy Sumner

Ireton, Barrie - Britain’s International Development Policies, ebook

Britain’s International Development Policies

Ireton, Barrie


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barrie Ireton
2. Britain’s Colonial Development Effort
Barrie Ireton
3. The Creation of the Department: From Colonial to Overseas Development
Barrie Ireton
4. The Department’s Mission: 1964–2013
Barrie Ireton
5. Development Policies
Barrie Ireton