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Mouza, Chrystalla - Emerging Technologies for the Classroom, ebook

Emerging Technologies for the Classroom

Mouza, Chrystalla


Introduction to Emerging Technologies for the Classroom: A Learning Sciences Perspective
Chrystalla Mouza, Nancy C. Lavigne
2. Curricular Activity Systems Supporting the Use of Dynamic Representations to Foster Students’ Deep Understanding of Mathematics

Brent, Rebecca - Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide, ebook

Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide

Brent, Rebecca


Teaching and Learning STEM presents a trove of practical research-based strategies for designing and teaching STEM courses at the university, community college, and high school levels. The book draws on the authors' extensive

Lawson, Karen - The Trainer's Handbook, ebook

The Trainer's Handbook

Lawson, Karen


A ready-to-use toolkit for delivering high-value training in any scenario
The Trainer's Handbook is a comprehensive manual for designing, developing, and delivering effective and engaging training. Based on the feedback of workshop participants, readers, and instructors, this new third

Khine, Myint Swe - New Science of Learning, ebook

New Science of Learning

Khine, Myint Swe


Designing Higher Education Courses Using Open Educational Resources
Frank Rennie, Robin Mason
14. The Evolution of an Automated Reading Strategy Tutor: From the Classroom to a Game-Enhanced Automated System
G. Tanner

Hourigan, Tríona - Handbook on Digital Learning for K-12 Schools, ebook

Handbook on Digital Learning for K-12 Schools

Hourigan, Tríona


EUFolio: A Classroom ePortfolio Pilot Project
Ben Murray, Sinéad Tuohy
10. Taking the Tablets: Has the Long Predicted Revolution in Teaching and Learning Finally Arrived?
Christina Preston, Sarah Younie
11. Evaluation of Lesson Plan Authoring Tools

Gupta-Bhowon, Minu - Chemistry Education in the ICT Age, ebook

Chemistry Education in the ICT Age

Gupta-Bhowon, Minu


“Jeopardy” in the Inorganic Classroom - Teaching Descriptive Chemistry Using a Television Game Show Format
J. Van Houten
4. Teaching Thermodynamic Relations Using a Story and Two-Dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System
Y.H. Chung
5. Heralding Calamity