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Pratesi, Monica - Analysis of Poverty Data by Small Area Estimation, ebook

Analysis of Poverty Data by Small Area Estimation

Pratesi, Monica


A comprehensive guide to implementing SAE methods for poverty studies and poverty mapping
There is an increasingly urgent demand for poverty and living conditions data, in relation to local areas and/or subpopulations. Policy makers and stakeholders need indicators and maps of poverty

Bailer, A. John - Analyzing Environmental Data, ebook

Analyzing Environmental Data

Bailer, A. John


The field of environmental statistics is growing rapidly due to the explosion in automated data collection systems, computing power, interactive, linkable software, public and ecological health concerns, and the continuing need for analysis to support environmental policy-making and regulation.

Chen, Min - Big-Data Analytics for Cloud, IoT and Cognitive Learning, ebook

Big-Data Analytics for Cloud, IoT and Cognitive Learning

Chen, Min


The definitive guide to successfully integrating social, mobile, Big-Data analytics, cloud and IoT principles and technologies
The main goal of this book is to spur the development of effective big-data computing operations on smart clouds that are

Longford, Nicholas T. - Missing Data and Small-Area Estimation, ebook

Missing Data and Small-Area Estimation

Longford, Nicholas T.


Table of contents
Part I. Missing data
1. Prologue
2. Describing incompleteness
3. Single imputation and related methods
4. Multiple imputation
5. Case studies
Part II. Small-area estimation
6. Introduction
7. Models for small areas
8. Using auxiliary information
9. Using small-area estimators

Hoaglin, David C. - Exploring Data Tables, Trends, and Shapes, ebook

Exploring Data Tables, Trends, and Shapes

Hoaglin, David C.


"Exploring Data Tables, Trends, and Shapes (EDTTS) was written as a companion volume to the same editors' book, Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis (UREDA). Whereas UREDA is a collection of exploratory and resistant

Özyer, Tansel - Recent Trends in Information Reuse and Integration, ebook

Recent Trends in Information Reuse and Integration

Özyer, Tansel


Evolution Management of Data Integration Systems by the Means of Ontological Continuity Principle
Ladjel Bellatreche, Guy Pierra, Eric Sardet
5. Automated Learning for Assessment of School Readiness: Effectiveness of Reusing Information from Child’s Social