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Eliades, Theodore - Plastics in Dentistry and Estrogenicity, ebook

Plastics in Dentistry and Estrogenicity

Eliades, Theodore


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction and Overview
1. Endocrine Disruptors (Xenoestrogens): An Overview
George Dimogerontas, Charis Liapi
Part II. Methodology of Measuring BPA and Its Effects
2. Analytical Methods for Determination of…

Mostofsky, David I. - Behavioral Dentistry, ebook

Behavioral Dentistry

Mostofsky, David I.


Behavioral Dentistry, Second Edition, surveys the vast and absorbing topic of the role of behavioral science in the study and clinical practice of dentistry. An understanding of social sciences has long been a central part of dental education, and essential

Espelid, Ivar - Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach, ebook

Pediatric Dentistry: A Clinical Approach

Espelid, Ivar


New edition of a leading textbook providing a uniquely clear, comprehensive, and clinical approach to the dental treatment of children and adolescents Offers systematic coverage of all clinical, scientific and social topics relating to pediatric dentistry Thoroughly revised and updated

Iocca, Oreste - Evidence-Based Implant Dentistry, ebook

Evidence-Based Implant Dentistry

Iocca, Oreste


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Evidence-Based Implant Dentistry
Oreste Iocca
2. Basics of Biostatistics
Oreste Iocca
3. Teeth or Implants?
Oreste Iocca, Giuseppe Bianco, Simón Pardiñas López
4. Bone Response to Implants

Kay, Elizabeth - Dentistry at a Glance, ebook

Dentistry at a Glance

Kay, Elizabeth


A fully illustrated, concise and accessible introduction to the study of dentistry  Central title in the At a Glance series for dentistry students Covers the entire undergraduate clinical dentistry curriculum

Nemcovsky, Carlos E. - Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dentistry, ebook

Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dentistry

Nemcovsky, Carlos E.


Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dentistry: The Endodontic Perspective
Eyal Rosen, Russell Paul, Igor Tsesis
4. Evidence-Based Decision Making in Periodontal Tooth Prognosis and Maintenance of the Natural Dentition
Carlos E. Nemcovsky, Anton Sculean

Rötzscher, Klaus - Forensic and Legal Dentistry, ebook

Forensic and Legal Dentistry

Rötzscher, Klaus


Table of contents
Part I. History
1. History of Forensic and Legal Dentistry
Klaus Rötzscher
2. History of Legal Odontology in Argentina
Oscar Heit
3. History of Forensic Odontology and DVI in Australia
Jane Taylor, Russell Lain, William O’Reilly
4. The Role of Dentists in Indonesian Disaster

Malet, Jacques - Implant Dentistry At-a-Glance, ebook

Implant Dentistry At-a-Glance

Malet, Jacques


It provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid, comprehensively covering all the constituent sub-topics that comprise implant dentistry. Following the familiar, easy-to-use at a Glance format, each topic is presented as a double-page spread with

Duggal, Monty - Paediatric Dentistry at a Glance, ebook

Paediatric Dentistry at a Glance

Duggal, Monty


Paediatric Dentistry at a Glance is the new title in the highly popular at a Glance series. It provides a concise and accessible introduction and revision aid, comprehensively covering all the constituent sub-topics that comprise paediatric dentistry.