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Kurtinová, Olga - Lexis in Demography, ebook

Lexis in Demography

Kurtinová, Olga


Life Table as One of the Most Important Models in Demography: Construction of the Life Table in General
Klára Hulíková Tesárková, Olga Kurtinová
6. Application of “Lexis” Diagram: Contemporary Approach to Demographic Visualization and Selected Examples

Neyer, Gerda - The Demography of Europe, ebook

The Demography of Europe

Neyer, Gerda


The Demography of Europe: Introduction
Gerda Neyer, Gunnar Andersson, Hill Kulu
2. Challenges for European Family and Fertility Research
Peter McDonald
3. Welfare States, Family Policies, and Fertility in Europe
Gerda Neyer
4. Delaying Parenthood

Kronenberg, Tobias - Demography and Infrastructure, ebook

Demography and Infrastructure

Kronenberg, Tobias


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Infrastructure and Demography (InfraDem)
Wilhelm Kuckshinrichs
2. The Setting: Demographic Trends and Economic Development in Germany and Two Selected Regions
Stephan Kühntopf, Thusnelda Tivig, Robert Stelter
3. Macroeconomic Conditions for Infrastructure Adaptation to

Karabchuk, Tatiana - Demography of Russia, ebook

Demography of Russia

Karabchuk, Tatiana


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kazuhiro Kumo, Tatiana Karabchuk, Ekaterina Selezneva
2. Population Statistics of Russia: The Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation
Kazuhiro Kumo
3. Population Policies in Soviet…

W., Wachter Kenneth - Mathematical Demography, ebook

Mathematical Demography

W., Wachter Kenneth


Table of contents
Part I. The Life Table
1. Tables of Annuity Values Which Were Sanctioned by the Roman Law for the Purposes of the Lex Falcidia
David P. Smith, Nathan Keyfitz
2. Natural and Political Observations Mentioned in a Following…

Pol, Louis G. - The Demography of Health and Healthcare, ebook

The Demography of Health and Healthcare

Pol, Louis G.


Health Demography: An Evolving Discipline
Louis G. Pol, Richard K. Thomas
2. Health and Healthcare: An Introduction
Louis G. Pol, Richard K. Thomas
3. Population Size, Distribution and Concentration
Louis G. Pol, Richard K. Thomas
4. Population

Dorling, Danny - Why Demography Matters, ebook

Why Demography Matters

Dorling, Danny


Demography is not destiny. As Giacomo Casanova explained over two centuries ago: 'There is no such thing as destiny. We ourselves shape our own lives.'
Today we are shaping them and our societies more than ever before. Globally, we have never had fewer children per adult: our population

Kulcsár, László J. - International Handbook of Rural Demography, ebook

International Handbook of Rural Demography

Kulcsár, László J.


Why Does Rural Demography Still Matter?
László J. Kulcsár, Katherine J. Curtis
2. Challenges in the Analysis of Rural Populations in the United States
Steve H. Murdock, Michael Cline, Mary Zey
3. Rural Natural Increase in the New Century: America’s