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Tyler, Colin - The Metaphysics of Self-realisation and Freedom, ebook

The Metaphysics of Self-realisation and Freedom

Tyler, Colin


Tyler shows how, for Green, ultimately, personal self-realisation and freedom stem from the innate human drive to construct a bedrock of fundamental values and commitments that can define and give direction to the individual’s most valuable potentials and talents.

Todorov, Tzvetan - The Inner Enemies of Democracy, ebook

The Inner Enemies of Democracy

Todorov, Tzvetan


Todorov argues that certain democratic values have been distorted and pushed to an extreme that serves the interests of dominant states and powerful individuals. In the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’, the United States and some European countries have

Braun, Jerome - Democratic Culture and Moral Character, ebook

Democratic Culture and Moral Character

Braun, Jerome


Introduction to Democratic Culture and Moral Character: A Study in Culture and Personality
Jerome Braun
Part I. Democracy and Character
2. Understanding Democracy as a Prerequisite for Spreading Democracy
Jerome Braun
3. The Faking of Charisma and

Carvalho, Edward J. - Academic Freedom in the Post-9/11 Era, ebook

Academic Freedom in the Post-9/11 Era

Carvalho, Edward J.


Neoliberal Freedoms, Contingency, and Capital
8. Caught in the Crunch
Ellen Messer-Davidow
9. Academic Bondage
Jeffrey J. Williams
10. Take Your Ritalin and Shut Up
Marc Bousquet
11. Neoliberalism and the Crisis of Intellectual Engagement

Braham, Matthew - Power, Freedom, and Voting, ebook

Power, Freedom, and Voting

Braham, Matthew


Table of contents
1. Social Power and Social Causation: Towards a Formal Synthesis
Matthew Braham
2. Power Indices Methodology: Decisiveness, Pivots, and Swings
František Turnovec, Jacek W. Mercik, Mariusz Mazurkiewicz
3. Further Reflections on the Expediency and Stability of Alliances
Dan S. Felsenthal,

Sørensen, Eva - Theories of Democratic Network Governance, ebook

Theories of Democratic Network Governance

Sørensen, Eva


Virtuous and Viscous Circles in Democratic Network Governance
B. Guy Peters
5. Decentred Theory, Change and Network Governance
Mark Bevir, R. A. W. Rhodes
Part II. Governance Network Failure
6. Theoretical Approaches to Governance Network Failure

Auestad, Lene - Traces of Violence and Freedom of Thought, ebook

Traces of Violence and Freedom of Thought

Auestad, Lene


From Totalitarian to Democratic Functioning: The Psychic Economy of Infantile Processes
Kathleen Kelley-Lainé
7. Rhetorics of Power—Can it Dress the Naked King, the Emperor Without Clothes?
Kinga Göncz
8. Shame Disciplines in the Chinese Cultural