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Heckman, Kristin E. - Cyber Denial, Deception and Counter Deception, ebook

Cyber Denial, Deception and Counter Deception

Heckman, Kristin E.


Intrusions, Deception, and Campaigns
Kristin E. Heckman, Frank J. Stech, Roshan K. Thomas, Ben Schmoker, Alexander W. Tsow
4. Cyber-D&D Case Studies
Kristin E. Heckman, Frank J. Stech, Roshan K. Thomas, Ben Schmoker, Alexander W. Tsow
5. Exercising

Bohmer, Carol - Political Asylum Deceptions, ebook

Political Asylum Deceptions

Bohmer, Carol


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Carol Bohmer, Amy Shuman
2. Telling the True Story
Carol Bohmer, Amy Shuman
3. Documentary Evidence
Carol Bohmer, Amy Shuman
4. Science and Technology as a Way of Determining Credibility

Breuer, William B. - Deceptions of World War II, ebook

Deceptions of World War II

Breuer, William B.


Critical acclaim for William B. Breuer
"A first-class historian."
-The Wall Street Journal
Top Secret Tales of World War II
"A book for rainy days and long solitary nights by the fire. If there were a genre for cozy nonfiction,…

Thompson, Roger W - Eye of Athina, ebook

Eye of Athina

Thompson, Roger W


The collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989 allowed the evil shadow of Eastern Mafia to spread across Europe, with the Greek islands proving to be a haven of obscurity for Russian and Romanian gangs. To counter the threat to British interests on the islands,…

Woolf, Alex - The Steel Kiss, ebook

The Steel Kiss

Woolf, Alex


Each of these nine stories explores a symptom of that pathology we call love. We meet a volatile woman whose husband betrays her once too often; a man who takes advantage of an amnesiac girl; a woman prepared to break a man’s spirit in order to win…

Carly, Monica - Fraser's Line, ebook

Fraser's Line

Carly, Monica


Fraser's Line is an intriguing debut novel from author Monica Carly. Fraser Coleman, in his early sixties, is devastated by the loss of his adored wife Edie, only to discover the painful truth that she was not as perfect as he thought. As if this were…