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Eastman, Perkins - Building Type Basics for Senior Living, ebook

Building Type Basics for Senior Living

Eastman, Perkins


Building Type Basics for Senior Living is the definitive guide to the architectural and interior design of senior living homes, including assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. This second edition is thoroughly updated with new examples of projects…

Banas, Jennifer R. - The Flipped College Classroom, ebook

The Flipped College Classroom

Banas, Jennifer R.


Flipping STEM
Adrienne Williams, Zhiru Sun, Kui Xie, Esteban Garcia, Iryna Ashby, Marisa Exter, David Largent, Paul Lu, Duane Szafron, Sadaf Ahmed, Tracy Onuczko, Jacqueline Smith, Dirk T. Tempelaar, Kelsey S. Bitting, Alison Olcott Marshall, Erik Christensen,

Thompson, Paul B. - The Ethics of Intensification, ebook

The Ethics of Intensification

Thompson, Paul B.


Perkins, Rachael Jamison
4. One Hundred Years of Agricultural Intensification: A Personal History of Unanswered Ethical Issues – 1890–2004
A. Allan Schmid
5. Two Battles in the History of Agriculture: Against Hunger and Against Alternatives. Comment

Dill, Kilian - Microarrays, ebook


Dill, Kilian


Sho Fuji, David Danley, Andrew McShea
III. Statistical Data Evaluation on Microarrays
5. Intensity Concentration Relationships for Electrochemical Detection
Mervyn Thomas
IV. Applications
6. Genotyping Arrays
Michael J. Lodes, Dominic Suciu,

James, Judith - Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions, ebook

Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions

James, Judith


Life Sciences and Health in South West Wales: A Sub-regional Innovation Ecosystem
Gareth Huw Davies, Robert Marc Clement, Louisa Huxtable-Thomas, George Johnson, Brian Lee Perkins, Sian Roderick, Jennifer Gregory, Bjorn Max Rodde, Jayne Daniels
Part IV. Inclusivity