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Ardeleanu, Stefan - Relational Database Programming, ebook

Relational Database Programming

Ardeleanu, Stefan


Table of contents
1. The Concept of Style
Stefan Ardeleanu
2. SQL: Beauty and the Beast
Stefan Ardeleanu
3. A Holistic Vision of the Data
Stefan Ardeleanu
4. Data by Set or by Row?
Stefan Ardeleanu
5. Data Transfer Paradigm

Bai, Ying - Practical Database Programming with Java, ebook

Practical Database Programming with Java

Bai, Ying


This important resource offers a detailed description about the practical considerations and applications in database programming using Java NetBeans 6.8 with authentic examples and detailed explanations.  This book provides readers with a clear

Klein, Scott - Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure, ebook

Pro SQL Database for Windows Azure

Klein, Scott


Table of contents
1. Getting Started with SQL Database
Scott Klein, Herve Roggero
2. Design Considerations
Scott Klein, Herve Roggero
3. Security
Scott Klein, Herve Roggero
4. Data Migration and Backup Strategies
Scott Klein, Herve Roggero
5. Programming with SQL Database
Scott Klein,

Gennick, Jonathan - Expert Oracle Database Architecture, ebook

Expert Oracle Database Architecture

Gennick, Jonathan


Table of contents
1. Developing Successful Oracle Applications
2. Architecture Overview
3. Files
4. Memory Structures
5. Oracle Processes
6. Locking and Latching
7. Concurrency and Multi-versioning
8. Transactions
9. Redo and Undo
10. Database Tables
11. Indexes
12. Datatypes
13. Partitioning

Hammer, Jacob Vibe - Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming, ebook

Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming

Hammer, Jacob Vibe


Step-by-step beginner’s guide to Visual C# 2012
Written for novice programmers who want to learn programming with C# and the .NET framework, this book offers programming basics such as variables, flow control, and object oriented programming.