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Hesselbach, Jürgen - Functional Thinking for Value Creation, ebook

Functional Thinking for Value Creation

Hesselbach, Jürgen


Problem Definition in Designing Product-Service Systems
Gokula Annamalai, Rajkumar Roy, Mehmet Cakkol
21. Small Scale Socio-Technical Experiments as Stepping Stones for Eco-Efficient Product-Service Systems Diffusion: a New Role for Strategic Design for Sustainability

Popplewell, Keith - Enterprise Interoperability IV, ebook

Enterprise Interoperability IV

Popplewell, Keith


GRAI-ICE Model Driven Interoperability Architecture for Developing Interoperable ESA
Lanshun Nie, Xiaofei Xu, David Chen, Gregory Zacharewicz, Dechen Zhan
12. Model for Trans-sector Digital Interoperability
António Madureira, Frank den Hartog, Eduardo

Hu, Wensong - Advances in Electric and Electronics, ebook

Advances in Electric and Electronics

Hu, Wensong


Steganalysis of Data Hiding in Binary Text Images Based on SVM and Run-Length Statistic
Gao Bao-Jian, Wang Jun, Xu Liang-guang
10. Web Security Vulnerability Analysis Using Network and Information Security Tools
Jiangbo Liu, Krishna Kant Tiwari