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Darwin, Charles - The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, ebook

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

Darwin, Charles


The autobiography of one of the most influential people of the modern age. This was taken from writings and letters that Darwin wrote for his family, edited by his son Francis Darwin, and published posthumously.

Ruse, Michael - Charles Darwin, ebook

Charles Darwin

Ruse, Michael


The definitive work on the philosophical nature and impact of the theories of Charles Darwin, written by a well-known authority on the history and philosophy of Darwinism.
Broadly explores the theories of Charles Darwin and Darwin

Wallace, Brendan - Getting Darwin Wrong, ebook

Getting Darwin Wrong

Wallace, Brendan


Brendan Wallace, with a background in psychology, demonstrates that the key claims of Evolutionary Psychology (EP), popularised by Steven Pinker and others, are based on the 'brain is a digital computer' argument. He then argues that as we now know this…

Darwin, Charles - The Voyage of the Beagle, ebook

The Voyage of the Beagle

Darwin, Charles


On the voyage Darwin documented many different fields: biology, geology, anthropology etc., as well as starting work on his theories of evolution by natural selection that were to influence the entirety of natural scientific study.

Richter, Virginia - Literature After Darwin, ebook

Literature After Darwin

Richter, Virginia


What Animal? Darwin’s Displacement of Man
Virginia Richter
2. Creating Connections: Humans, Apes and Missing Links
Virginia Richter
3. Apes and Ape-men: The Anxiety of Simianation
Virginia Richter
4. Missing Links and Lost Worlds: The Anxiety

Chalub, Fabio A. C. C. - The Mathematics of Darwin’s Legacy, ebook

The Mathematics of Darwin’s Legacy

Chalub, Fabio A. C. C.


The Mathematics of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: 1859 and 150 Years Later
Peter Schuster
4. Some Mathematical Models in Evolutionary Genetics
Reinhard Bürger
5. Extinction, Persistence, and Evolution
Peter Jagers
6. Group Theory in Homogeneous

McBirney, Alexander - The Philosophy of Zoology Before Darwin, ebook

The Philosophy of Zoology Before Darwin

McBirney, Alexander


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. Aristotle
3. The Roman Period
4. The Middle Ages and Renaissance
5. Evolution of the Concept of Species
6. Philosophers of the XVIIIth Century
7. Buffon
8. Lamarck
9. Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire

Sakar, Sahotra - Doubting Darwin?: Creationist Designs on Evolution, ebook

Doubting Darwin?: Creationist Designs on Evolution

Sakar, Sahotra


Noted biologist and philosopher Sahotra Sarkar exposes the frauds and fallacies of Intelligent Design Theory, and its claim to be ‘good science’.
A scientific and philosophical exploration of the debate between evolutionary theory and Intelligent…

Darwinin seitti

Darwinin seitti

Soininvaara, Taavi


Hyytävässä trillerissä vuosikymmenien ajan kudottu verkko kiristyy ja uhkaa Suomea ja koko länttä. Suomalaisen huippukirurgin potilaana oleva IMF:n irlantilainen johtaja hourailee venäjäksi toipuessaan aivoleikkauksesta. Hänen puheensa kuulleet…