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Foster, Susan Leigh - Worlding Dance, ebook

Worlding Dance

Foster, Susan Leigh


A ‘Material’-ist Reading of the Bharata Natyam Dancing Body: The Possibility of the ‘Unruly Spectator’
Priya Srinivasan
5. Race-ing Choreographic Copyright
Anthea Kraut
6. Choreographies and Choreographers
Susan Leigh Foster
7. Red-Stained

Alexandre, Jane M. - Dance Leadership, ebook

Dance Leadership

Alexandre, Jane M.


“I Wanted to Be a Dance Company and Not a Social Project”: Sonia Destri
Jane M. Alexandre
5. “The Outcome Will Be Exciting if the Process Is Exciting”: Urmimala Sarkar Munsi
Jane M. Alexandre
6. “We Found There Were Issues We Had to Address”:

Dodds, Sherril - Dancing on the Canon, ebook

Dancing on the Canon

Dodds, Sherril


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Let’s Dance!
Sherril Dodds
Part I. Understanding Value
2. Dancing on the Canon
Sherril Dodds
3. The Value(s) of Cultural Studies
Sherril Dodds
4. What Is Popular Dance?
Sherril Dodds
5. Writing Popular Dance
Sherril Dodds
6. Embodiments of Value

McGrath, Aoife - Dance Matters in Ireland, ebook

Dance Matters in Ireland

McGrath, Aoife


Revisiting Lunar Parables: Dublin Contemporary Dance Theatre and the Intangible Archive
Emma Meehan
3. On Peregrine Collaborations—Cindy Cummings’ Choreography of Triúr Ban: Woman, Disorientation, Displacement
Finola Cronin
4. Bodied Stories and

Walter, C. S. - Dance, Consumerism, and Spirituality, ebook

Dance, Consumerism, and Spirituality

Walter, C. S.


Womanist Transmodern Dance Metaphors of Mystical Consumption
C. S. Walter
4. Value Creation and the Inner Mystic Dancer
C. S. Walter
5. On Valuing Mystical Dance Experiences
C. S. Walter
6. The Power of Dance in Cyberity
C. S. Walter

Sellers-Young, Barbara - Belly Dance, Pilgrimage and Identity, ebook

Belly Dance, Pilgrimage and Identity

Sellers-Young, Barbara


Introduction: Belly Dance: Transmission in Popular Culture
Barbara Sellers-Young
2. Egypt: Place of Pilgrimage, Place of Home
Barbara Sellers-Young
3. Dancing the Goddess in Popular Culture: Resistance, Spirituality and Empowerment
Barbara Sellers-Young

Katrak, Ketu H. - Contemporary Indian Dance, ebook

Contemporary Indian Dance

Katrak, Ketu H.


Contested Histories: “Revivals” of Classical Indian Dance and Early Pioneers of Contemporary Indian Dance
Ketu H. Katrak
3. Abstract Dance with Rasa: Pioneers Astad Deboo and Shobana Jeyasingh
Ketu H. Katrak