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Vogelsang, Matjaž - DNA Alterations in Lynch Syndrome, ebook

DNA Alterations in Lynch Syndrome

Vogelsang, Matjaž


Genetic Testing, an Optimal Strategy for Lynch Syndrome Identification
Petra Hudler
5. Functional Analyses Help to Assess the Pathogenicity of MMR Gene Variants of Uncertain Significance
Minna Nyström, Minttu Kansikas
6. The Role of Epimutations of

Jothy, Serge - Molecular Testing in Cancer, ebook

Molecular Testing in Cancer

Jothy, Serge


Clinical Application of DNA Sequencing: Sanger and Next-Generation Platforms
John D. McPherson
7. Microarray-Based Investigations in Cancer
Maud H. W. Starmans, Syed Haider, Cindy Yao, Philippe Lambin, Paul C. Boutros
8. Proteomics in Cancer Diagnostics

O'Rourke, Dennis H. - A Companion to Anthropological Genetics, ebook

A Companion to Anthropological Genetics

O'Rourke, Dennis H.


With an emphasis on contextualizing new and developing genetic research within anthropological frameworks, this text offers critical perspective on the conditions of molecular evolution that accompany cultural and social transformation, while also addressing critical disciplinary questions, such as the

Brown, Stuart M. - Essentials of Medical Genomics, ebook

Essentials of Medical Genomics

Brown, Stuart M.


Beginning with a clear overview on the Human Genome Project and its revolutionary impact, the book further investigates new technologies in detail, including: high-throughput DNA sequencing, genome sequence databases, microarrays, proteomics, pharmacogenomics, genetic

Aldrich-Wright, Janice - Metallointercalators, ebook


Aldrich-Wright, Janice


Cytotoxicity Testing: Cell Experiments
Renate Grünert, Aron Westendorf, Magdalena Buczkowska, Mareike Hänsch, Sybil Grüunert, Patrick J. Bednarski
15. Development of Metal Complexes as Potential Antimicrobials
Albert Bolhuis, Adair D. Richards

Wong, Lee-Jun C. - Next Generation Sequencing, ebook

Next Generation Sequencing

Wong, Lee-Jun C.


History of DNA Sequencing Technologies
Lisa D. White
2. Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Techniques: A Brief Review
Megan L. Landsverk, Lee-Jun C. Wong
Part II. The Technologies and Bioinformatics
3. Methods of Gene Enrichment and Massively Parallel