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Edwards, Graeme - Cybercrime Investigators Handbook, ebook

Cybercrime Investigators Handbook

Edwards, Graeme


The investigator’s practical guide for cybercrime evidence identification and collection
Cyber attacks perpetrated against businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals have been occurring for decades. Many attacks are discovered only after the data has been exploited or

Noble, Wayne - New Perspectives on Cybercrime, ebook

New Perspectives on Cybercrime

Noble, Wayne


Biology and Cybercrime: Towards a Genetic-Social, Predictive Model of Cyber Violence
Tim Owen, Wayne Noble, Faye Christabel Speed
4. Cyber Vigilantism – How the Cyber Mob Behaves
Tim Owen, Wayne Noble, Faye Christabel Speed
5. Cyber Armies – The

Kshetri, Nir - Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in the Global South, ebook

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in the Global South

Kshetri, Nir


Technological and Global Forces Shaping Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in the Global South
Nir Kshetri
3. Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe
Nir Kshetri
4. Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in China

Kshetri, Nir - The Global Cybercrime Industry, ebook

The Global Cybercrime Industry

Kshetri, Nir


The Global Cybercrime Industry and Its Structure: Relevant Actors, Motivations, Threats, and Countermeasures
Nir Kshetri
2. Simple Economics of Cybercrime and the Vicious Circle
Nir Kshetri
3. An Institutional Perspective

Bernik, Igor - Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare, ebook

Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare

Bernik, Igor


These aspects are logically and reasonably discussed in the fields related to cybercrime and cyberwarfare. The book illustrates differences between the two fields, perpetrators’ activities, as well as the methods of investigating and fighting against attacks

Huber, Edith - Cyberstalking und Cybercrime, ebook

Cyberstalking und Cybercrime

Huber, Edith


Table of contents
1. Vorbemerkungen
Edith Huber
2. Stand der Forschung
Edith Huber
3. Grundlagen des Cyberstalking
Edith Huber
4. Das österreichische Cyberstalking-Verhalten
Edith Huber
5. Folgen der Telekommunikationsentwicklung

Antonopoulos, Georgios A. - Fake Meds Online, ebook

Fake Meds Online

Antonopoulos, Georgios A.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Alexandra Hall, Georgios A. Antonopoulos
2. The Online Trade in Illicit Pharmaceuticals: The UK Context
Alexandra Hall, Georgios A. Antonopoulos
3. The Demand Side
Alexandra Hall, Georgios A. Antonopoulos

Jain, Garima - Internet Infidelity, ebook

Internet Infidelity

Jain, Garima


Table of contents
1. An Overview: Internet Infidelity
Sanjeev P. Sahni, Garima Jain
2. User Control Over Personal Information: A Case Study of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat
Indranath Gupta
3. Adultery in the Age of Technology: Complexities…

Owen, Tim - Crime, Genes, Neuroscience and Cyberspace, ebook

Crime, Genes, Neuroscience and Cyberspace

Owen, Tim


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tim Owen
2. Criminological and Social Theory: Surveying the Contemporary Landscape
Tim Owen
3. Neuroscience and Cybercrime
Tim Owen
4. Do We Need a ‘Virtual Criminology’?
Tim Owen